Ruff Tung MBFW Joburg 2017 Spring/Summer

Ruff TungRuff Tung took a whole lotta crazy to MBFW Joburg 2017 this weekend. I mean, how many sequins can one fashionista handle?

Never enough, if you’re as much of a fan as I am. To understand their work is to know designer Bridget Pickering and her love affair with light reflectors. This is a mother of three who wears purple lycra leggings to work and silver sparkles to casual drinks on a Thursday night in the ‘burbs.

Design house partner Ludwig Bausch doesn’t shy away from bling either, evident by those damn hot gold jeans he wore on show night. Yoh! Continue reading

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Jin Jin du Cap Jewellery Giveaway

in store signageJin Jin du Cap Jewellery in Constantia Village Courtyard is an ode to all things deliciously sparkly. I popped in last week after owner Suzi Wallinder repositioned her business strategy, spruced up her treasure trove and offered a Jin Jin du Cap jewellery giveaway to one of my readers. *rubs hands in glee*

Previously known as Jin Jin Jewellery, Suzi added ‘du Cap’ to her brand name for good reason. Until then, despite having visited numerous times before, I and possibly others, were blissfully unaware that she is the designer behind most of the pieces. The brand repositioning has created an awareness and a celebration of the designer’s 15 years in the jewellery industry. Worth applause in South Africa’s current junk status economy.



Continue reading

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Chanel Cruise 2017/18

“I’m suggesting going back to move forward. To create the future, you have to pay attention to the past.” Karl Lagerfeld.

The Chanel Cruise 2017/18 Collection by Karl Kagerfrld paid homage to Greece and Greek mythology as the origin of beauty and culture. 

Raw edge dresses belted in cord paid tribute to Mediterranean tunics, while laurel branches and Madame Chanel’s favourite camellia blooms, reflected in gold, created crowns on prints. 

Grecian columns were represented in the block heel sandals and sequined marble-esqué waistbands. Knitwear in geometric and organic patterns created a feel of antique vases or friezes of ancient frescoes.

Those headbands gave me goodies though. One simple modern piece blended Ancient Greece and Chanel’s 1920’s flapper origin to absolute perfection. 

I stand in awe. *applause for King Karl* 

Happy Thursday, stylish ones. Love & light, CDx

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How to rescue stressed skin: Lymph Drainage Massage at Langaro Lifestyle Centre


Lymph Drainage massage

11 months ago, I quit advertising cold-turkey with no job prospect in place. Brave? Stupid? You decide. All I know is I’d had enough. Since then, I’ve been hustling like a faux car guard in Long Street on First Thursdays to build a career as a freelance Social Media Manager.

Self-employment comes with the freedom of managing your own day along with the benefit of not having to answer to anyone else. However, the financial stress of being a one-woman show in this industry is overwhelming. If I’m not physically working, I’m not earning money. It’s as simple as that. I found my eyes glued to an electronic device 20 hours a day with no reprieve (or spare resources) for travel, events or even chilling on the couch.

Poor circulation, stress-induced bacteria in my body and the evils of comfort food created continuous skin eruptions on my face even a spotty teen would envy. Topical cosmetic exfoliators and masks offered temporary relief for one swollen bump only to have another surface elsewhere. My skin was so bad, even the selfie retouching app on my phone couldn’t cope with the bumps and scars. Continue reading

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The Mojo Market, Sea Point launches soon

Mojo Market 04The Mojo Market promises an eclectic hybrid of fusion food, global fashion and daily fresh produce.

The Mojo Market is set to open mid-April in Regent Street, Sea Point. The space has been developed underneath the trendy Mojo Hotel, by hotel owners Graeme Robinson, Tara Lerner and Robbie Lessem. 

It promises an eclectic hybrid of fusion food, global fashion and daily fresh produce with sea views over Sea Point’s pavilion pools and the promenade. Here, 45 designer retail stalls, 20 food vendors, two bars, a daily fresh goods market, a live entertainment stage and a wellness zone will all vie for your attention.  Continue reading

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