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5 Things I Learned This Week

January 14, 2018

It’s been 731 days since I’ve had a break. Yes, you read correctly. Two years and 4 weeks have gone by since I was physically separated from my computer. I haven’t had a weekend away or even a day trip to rest and heal my soul. Its been go, go and go some more. With a job in Social Media, it’s easy to log onto a device and start working from the minute you open your eyes and I do that.

Technology also accommodates communication at any hour of the day. I receive queries, messages or calls from 7:00 am until 10 at night. It’s insane and I’ve allowed it. Well, no more. I’ve been sucked dry and have nothing more to give. So here’s what I learned this week.

Only give when you have spare.
We’re all familiar with the biblical phrase, ‘my cup runneth over’ which testifies to an abundance in one’s life. Well right now, my cup has a big, fat hole in the bottom. Lawyer, life coach and author Iyanla Vanzant echoed beautifully how I feel when she said, “What comes out of the cup is for y’all. What’s in the cup is mine”. Seeing as my cup is pretty empty right now, I ain’t got nothing running over to give y’all. Until my situation is resolved, please forgive me for saying no to anything you want which doesn’t serve me.

The Station on Bree makes superb margaritas
I popped into The Station On Bree for an early dinner on Thursday evening. (Read my summer review HERE.) Their margaritas are superb! You may also be interested to know that all food is served piping hot – not sure how they do it but bravo! to the chef. In my earlier post, I also mentioned the DJ lineup which makes Thursdays the new Friday. Hashtag TrueStory. DJ Rene dropped some killer beats as we were leaving. Good enough to almost tempt me to stay but it was a school night and I had loads to do. 

Dry, brittle hair needs moisture not protein
I have incredibly brittle hair. Running my hand through it results in so many broken strands, I should be bald. No amount of protein masques, vitamins, horse shampoo, expensive strengthening spritzes or flat iron boycotts have gotten my hair past shoulder length. Then I found an article on the difference between protein and moisture. I learned that protein aids hair breakage whereas moisture from nuts and oils nourishes. Amen! While you read the article HERE, I’ll cement a friendship with the coconut oil in my fridge.

Good friends aren’t always the ones you see every day 
I had my annual Societi Bistro New Year’s Lunch with Grant Davison on Friday. The tradition started two years ago when we met for a civilised brunch which adjourned six hours and copious bottles of bubbly later. Herein lies the beauty of our bond. While sparse as our visits may be, we share an incredible friendship born of honesty, mutual respect, unfailing support and juicy industry secrets. I love Grant. Oh, and the seared tuna currently on Societi Bistro’s summer menu is sublime.

The Vogue Runway App is my catnip and my kryptonite
The Fall 2018 Menswear shows from Milan have been rolling out this week. If you haven’t downloaded the Vogue Runway App yet, do so right now. It will become your catnip and kryptonite too Ralph Lauren took military to chic heights, Versace gilded jungle, and Moschino is naughty. 
You’re welcome:)



What have you learned this week? Pop a comment below and share your good, bad or ugly news. I don’t mind. Sharing is caring.

Have a great week, lovely people.
love & light

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