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5 Things I Love This Week

January 5, 2018

‘5 Things’ is something I want to try out this week. Its intended as a quick hitter because no one really wants to read long stories on a Friday. Let’s see how this pans out.

You may not know this yet but I acquired Bio-Therapeutic South Africa as a client in May last year. It’s a revolutionary skincare brand which has literally taken my skin from ugh to wow! I won’t give you a full rundown of the brand and what its done for me just yet but be warned! There are loads of reviews coming as I’m now using a full suite of products. Keep watching this space. For now, here are the products I used for a BT shoot and the little stories attached to the 5 Things I Love This Week. You cool with that?

Michael Kors ‘Kellan’ Satchel
I received this ray of sunshine from my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas. Their generosity blew me so far away, I called her the next day to say I couldn’t accept the gift. It was too much. But as you can see, she got me to keep it.
I love Michael Kors because its affordable luxury; this one is my 4th. In Europe, its secretly known as a designer starter pack as a mom would graduate her teenager from GAP to Michael Kors at around 14. By 16, they’ll be wearing Marc Jacobs and at 18, will progress to Chanel. Adults abroad don’t wear MK but I don’t care. It’s designer meaning there are considerably fewer items produced than Country Road so the chances of someone having the same bag as you are minuscule. With high quality, glam and fun all rolled into one, you’ll do brilliantly investing in MK. Thank you, Tess. You own my heart.

Bio-Therapeutic Platinum Peptide Serum
As I said, I’ll tell you more about Bio-Therapeutic in the future. For now, a quickie about peptides. Collagen forms the foundation of human skin. Its a protein comprised of long segments of amino acids arranged like a chain and responsible for the skin’s thickness and elasticity. Ageing is defined as the breakdown of collagen visible by wrinkle formation, thin skin and dehydration. Peptides assist in rebuilding collagen thereby fighting the visible signs of ageing. The BT PLATINUM Peptide Serum has become my go-to for collagen support, skin repair and intense hydration. The results are incredible as my skin is looking plumper and so much healthier.
Skincare Tip: take your serum from your face, down your neck and onto your decollete area. Saggy boobs are not pretty so help them as best you can.

Ross and Brown Paris III ‘Marble’ sunglasses 
I love Ross and Brown, an Italian sunglasses brand I was introduced to back in 2016. (Read my blog post HERE.) I received this pair from the Italian eyewear designer, Andrea Cisari after using his brand in a fashion show I project managed for Langaro Lifestyle Centre last year. The quality of this brand is phenomenal given the affordable price tag; a pair will retail for under R2000. I’m particularly partial to the vintage backstories created for each collection. Check it out online. I guarantee you’ll love ’em too.
I’m not going to say much more except that my gratitude levels have broken the ceiling and that I’ve worn these everywhere this summer. Thank you Andrea, you are an incredible human being and its a pleasure working with you.

Tom Ford Ultra Rich Lip Color Rouge à lèvres confort in Sasha
I started following from the UK on Instagram a few months ago. Her Christmas holiday to Cape Town included us meeting for dinner at Cape To Cuba, our first face-to-face. Anastasia, her real name, arrived bearing this Tom Ford lipstick as a thank you gift for me for recommending a few wine estates she could visit while here. Insane, right? Moral of the story: IG is awesome and kindness is underrated.
PS: The moisture in this product is next level, I adore the colour and I’m blessed having made another beautiful friend.

Sterling Silver Rings
My passion for sterling silver rings extends beyond measure. Designs have to be simple and either carry an air of drama or tell a great story. I bought this peridot one from Oh So Boho in Kloof Street two years ago. I chose peridot is my birthstone and I hoped the green would instil some positive energy and healing in me at a long point in my life. I don’t recall whether it did but the purchase made me very happy – so I guess the power of gemstones worked;)


Hahaha!! So much for this being a quick hitter. Wow! I love long stories, don’t I? Well, I hope you enjoyed my list of 5 Things today. Would you want to see more?
Happy Friday, loved ones.

Header photo credit: @biotherapeutic_sa via Instagram

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