Kisua for 8 by PicthialStyle 04This blog is about my absolute passions; fashion, fun, the arts, gratitude, abundance and love. And above all, the beauty and power of being a woman.

A history of fine art and architectural draughting had led me into the crazy, exciting world of advertising. Everything I’ve done has led me to where I’m meant to be and right now the wonderful www is it.

I believe in the healing powers of gratitude and retail therapy; depending on whether you want a long or short-term solution. Water heals too, from tinkling ice to luxuriant bubble baths and crashing waves.

I love shoes, champagne, wrapping Christmas gifts, my family and friends. The elegance with which elephants and whales move makes me cry – the world just isn’t big enough for them.

Accepting compliments graciously and mixing wicked cocktails are two vital social skills worth cultivating. DIY rocks. Changing car tyres yourself, criticism without validity and dentist visits don’t.

Architectural structures fascinate me especially arches, doorways and windows. I’ve had enough of ugliness and want to travel more. I wear my best jeans while gardening and my favourite perfume to bed.

I wish I understood how aeroplanes stayed in the air and wonder why uninvited guests arrive just as you’ve applied a cucumber face mask. Music. Dance. Theatre. Love it all. We’d be philistines without Art.

I’m proudly South African blessed to be living in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I doubt I’d be considered controversial; it’s not in my nature. Instead, I chose to tell the truth politely. I hope to inspire, share all the beauty life has to offer and hopefully even make you smile. While I’m still in search of balance, I believe that life is about love, light and lollipops; especially the red fizzy ones.

love & light
Clouds Drummond

Photo credit: Picthialstyle.com

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  1. The *best* About Me I’ve read yet! So inspiring and I found myself nodding and smiling at many instances 🙂

    Your new reader,

    1. Thank you. I often find the truth writes itself.
      A little secret… periodically, I re-read it too. Helps me to stay grounded. Thank you for love & support.

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