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Desray Tote and Scarf Giveaway

January 20, 2020
Desray Boutique Tote Giveaway

There’s an embarrassing story attached to this Desray Tote and Scarf Giveaway. I hope both designer Des and my friend Duncan have forgiven me since.

I met designer Desree Jearey last year at her studio in Woodstock. As an introduction to her brand, she invited Duncan Pape and I to her Summer 2019/20 launch.

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Scottish Leader Whisky joined the Bokeh Festival

January 13, 2020
01 Scottish Leader 12 Year Old feature image

I’m kicking off my first blog post for 2020 with a chat about whisky. I know, right? What happened to Champagne? Relax, it’s still front row and centre stage in my life. However, since Scottish Leader joined the Bokeh Festival late last year, it deserves a mention. Pull up a chair; we’re about to have a multi-layered conversation.

What happened to Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes Benz International has gradually been exiting the world of fashion in pursuit of motor racing and golf. Their migration left Bokeh founder and director Adrian Lazarus, with major business plans and a depreciating war chest.