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5 basic skincare tips for men by model Fuaad Abdool

March 16, 2017

skincare tips men 02Fuaad Abdul is a camera darling and runway regular at SA Menswear Week. Here are his top 5 skincare tips for men.

I could get into trouble for revealing so much but my good friend Michelle and I have a model crush on Fuaad Abdool or Foozy to his friends. We I first spotted him on the runway at SA MensWear Week a few year sago – and have since gotten to know the guy behind the scenes. His smart, sensitive and focussed on success without losing sight of the importance of family and friendships. I won’t divulge Foozy’s relationship status but ladies, if you’re interested, email me.

Okay, enough hustling. Let’s get down to business. Models do not have the luxury of covering up under big hats and sunglasses like we do. A lifestyle and revenue dependent on skin and body quality doesn’t come naturally. It requires constant attention and quality products which could run into thousands. Or so I thought.

When I interviewed Foozy between shows at SA Menswear Week last year, I learned that his skincare routine is so simple and affordable, even the most time-pressed beer ‘n braai oke could take notes. Here are his five basic skincare tips for men.

skincare tips men 01

  1. Lemon water
    Drop a slice of fresh lemon into a glass. Top up with lukewarm purified water. Et voila! Your first drink of the day will kickstart your immune system and fight infections thereby minimising skin breakouts.
  2. Moisturise your hair, face and body.
    For hair: Apply a deep conditioner weekly.  (Probably explains why women have offered him R20 ooo for his hair)
    For face: Cleanse and moisturise your face morning and night. Matis is his personal choice but Garnier Men is an off-the-shelf range preferred by a few therapists I’ve spoken to.
    For body: Good ol’ camphor Cream will treat and restore dry skin. Vaseline Intensive Care has a great one which I find less pungent than Ingram’s.
  3. Hot towels
    Foozy applies a hot towel to his face after shows to restore moisture. Guys may want to practice this after a game or workout. Or even before shaving to reduce blade friction. 
  4. Fruit & raw vegetables
    Oooh, I know this is a tough one especially at events and parties where buffet tables groan under the weight of mini beef kebabs and skewered satay chicken. The trick is to have one cheat day a week where you allow yourself an indulgent treat. For the rest, a handful of juicy 
    blueberries beats a greasy donut any day. Smoothies are also a brilliant way to introduce fresh fruit and vegetables into your day. Read about my One Juice smoothie challenge here.
  5. Monthly facials
    A staggering amount of dirt, grime and pollution and dead skins cells accumulate on our skins. Professional facials provide a deep cleanse and exfoliation which we can rarely replicate at home. Facials also include a massage which aids lymph drainage thereby flushing toxins from our bodies. Less toxins mean fewer breakouts.

Are you keen to try any of these basic tips to keep your skin at optimal level? Pop a comment below of you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help where I can.

skincare tips men 03

Thanks for the advice, Foozy. See you on runway sometime.
love & light

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  1. I loved this! Talk about hair goals! I got so giddy when I saw this post pop up in my inbox. Please say you’re going to MBFWCT and if so you’ll post about it? You do the best fashion week coverage!

    1. Why, why, why? have I not replied to your lovely message. Hello, my virtual friend, happy to hear from you too. My MBFWCT application is in. Keep fingers crossed, please.
      Thank you. Big hugs

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