Belvedere Vodka End of Year bash at The Orphanage

December 23, 2012

If there’s a convertible parked outside, it’s clearly high end. Fortunately, I pulled out a few stops for the Belvedere Vodka End of Year bash at  Orphanage Cocktail Emporium in the Mother City.

In my favourite colour
And it’s in my favourite colour

OMG doesn’t even cover it. But what would you expect from a brand borne of a 40 year old collaboration between Louis Vuitton, Moët & Chandon and Hennessy? Fancy Schmancy comes to mind. And that’s exactly what my night was all about.

The new Orphanage is an extension of what you’ve come to know and love. And a bit more. Downstairs is all dark and sexy.

Belvedere Vodka Party 06

Upstairs, the look for the evening was a slick, sexy white winter wonderland with decor inspired by the Belvedere’s signature white trees.

BelvedereVodka 04

Belvedere Vodka 05

Belvedere Vodka Party 07

Oh looksie, I blended in perfectly wearing a white one-shoulder number by Beautiful Maverick. Pure fluke btw but I was happy;-)

Thanks Genuvieve. Thsi one worked beautifully. (photo by Werner Ryke for Vivid Luxury. Mine didn't look as good)
Thanks Genuvieve. This one worked beautifully. (Photo by Werner Ryke for Vivid Luxury. My pic didn’t look too good.)

The concept of stark contrast and pairing were represented by gorgeous models dressed by Cape Town label Jenni Button, with hair by Marios Hair  and make up David Sharp. Here’s what I mean.

Belvedere; Intense meets Pure
Intense meets Pure

To continue the theme, Two cocktails were created by sexy mixologist Nick Koumbarakis, The Alchemist just for the evening. Food pairing accompanied each. The softer Belvedere Pure Angels’ Innocence accompanied steamed crayfish with scallion mayonnaise on a toasted buttered bun.

Belvedere Vodka Party 02
Belvedere Pure Angel’s Innocence

A bit of kick came with the Belvedere Intense Dark Storm; tuna tartar and sesame seed sprinkle on a wasabi & Nori omelette or smoked Springbok carpaccio and micro greens on puff squares, drizzled with a balsamic reduction. Gotta love gourmet canapés.

Belvedere Vodka Party 03
Belveder Intense Dark Storm

The guest list was equally impressive. Designer Kobus Dippenaar made rare  but welcome appearance on the social scene with a promise to continue doing so. (yay!). Remember he dressed me for the SA Style Awards. Darling Natalie Becker was there with her good friend, Alfonso; eTV’s Tanya Nefdt who’s more fun than a complimentary case of bubbles, recently appointed City Press journo Clay Morar , my ladies Karisa and Leigh.

Also loved chatting to choreographer and fabulousness personified Didi Moses. And what else can one say about power couple Elrico & Ritza but, wow!

With Cape Town designer Kobus Dippenaar
With Cape Town designer Kobus Dippenaar
Natalie and Alfonso
Natalie and Alfonso
Norman,Anthony, Tanya and Andre
Norman, Anthony, Tanya and Andre
Karisa and Leigh
Karisa and Leigh
Ritza & Elrico
Ritza & Elrico
with Clay Morar
with Clay Morar

Then I was totally surprised to see lifestyle a property mogul Anthony Smith who I met at the Jacques Legrange preview last month. We had to cancel a coffee date because of a public holiday so is was a nice surpass seeing him and his darling partner Norman. Love you boys.

So as you can see, this was a seriously high end party. Even tho it was hot as hell inside and my make up ran like xxx.

If you’re wondering if all this is too much, I’d have to say no. Get chatting and you’ll find out they’re all real people who simply enjoy the finer things in life – like the Bentley Anthony had just bought. He’d better let me drive that puppy one day… failing which I may have to settle for the slick red one outside.


Belvedere Vodka Party 10

Back home, The Chosen One observed on the possibility of the those wheels being a Ferrari F340 Spider. (Clever man, I would’ve  just called it a red sports car)

Dear Santa, I would give up carbs for the rest of my life, if one of these were parked under my Christmas tree. I, too, enjoy the finer things in life like Belvedere Vodka and any party hosted by Vivid Luxury.

Cheers to a good Summer, style lovers.

love & light

Clouds xxx

PS: Pop over to Leigh’s blog post about the evening for the Intense Dark Storm cocktail recipe and for more of what happened to her later that eve.

Photo credit: All pics my own unless otherwise captioned.

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  1. They have great marketing department because I see their products everywhere. Also a lot of celebrities endorse belvedere so the sales must be huuuge!

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