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Bilboa Restaurant & Chinchilla Bar Launch; the looks I loved and my style tip for cocktail wear

January 13, 2018

Bilboa Restaurant and Chinchilla Bar above it is the latest hotspot on the Camps Bay strip. Perched on the site of the old Camps Bay Blues, it epitomises the all the cosmopolitan glamour which Cape Town summers are renowned for.

The launch party was hosted by Marina Nestel of The Little Black Book PR on an evening which didn’t hold a breath of wind (rare) and where the sunset literally showed off (common). I took two dates to the event for two very good reasons. 1. My usual Duncan Pape and his partner Gabriel Verryne are uber hot so the chances of me looking amazing were pretty high:) and (2) they are my top style tip for cocktail wear.

I wore a Cooper Street cocktail number from Langaro Lifestyle Centre which was featured in their fashion show a few months ago. (See my review HERE). The calf-length dress was totally unflattering my height hence it being tailored to within an inch of dignity. My sunglasses are the Ross and Brown 2018 Paris III ‘Marble’ pair which you’ve now read about three times, and my silver jewellery is a mish-mash of mine and Duncan’s so nothing riveting here.

So what was my style secret on the night?

I did not take a clutch bag and I liked it. Personally, I’m not a fan of those things because they’re so impractical; pretty on a photo but can’t carry their weight in jewels even if they tried.

And that, my dear people, is why I needed two dates. To carry my stuff. While Duncan and Gabriel may have looked uber cool and sexy on the night, their jacket pockets were weighed down with All. My. Stuff. I even went so far as to split my contents according to their roles in my life. Duncan, the responsible one, held my keys and wallet; while Gabriel the sweetheart carried my makeup and my ciggie habit #nojudgement, please. My hands-free look allowed me to take advantage of the bottomless Moet on offer without the hassle of juggling bag, phone, canapes and clutch. It was heaven.

Oka-aaay, enough about me. Here are some of the colourful looks I loved which suited a hot summer’s night in Cape Town (especially hair guru Kevin Epstein’s beard) and a few sexy LBD’s.

Happy cocktail sipping, glamorous ones.
love & light

Pop Quiz: I don’t know about you but I cannot travel light. my  Keys, wallet, phone charger, at least three pieces of makeup to touch up, business cards et al are all expected to be housed in an evening bag and that’s why I’m not a fan of them. Are you a light- or heavy-weight? What do you put in your clutch on a night out?

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