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Bokeh Fashion Film Festival 2018 media launch

September 1, 2017

A few weeks ago, Duncan Pape and I attended the media launch of the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival 2018. It was a fancy lunch affair hosted by Bokeh founder and MD Adrian Lazarus, at the newly opened Vista Marina restaurant in the V&A Waterfront.

Before we delve into the event, allow me to confirm the rumour. Yes, I was papp’ed at an event sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey and Carrol Boyes Functional Art, drinking coffee from a paper cup. I won’t bore you with the lame excuse that I had to head back to work afterward. Instead, I’ll reconsider Duncan as a plus one to daytime events. (Can you say boring?;)

With that out the way, lets chat about Adrian’s little shindig.

The Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival is a celebration of local and international fashion, film and art. This initiative has become a global playground for designers, filmmakers, artsy people and clients to sip champagne, chat all things fabulous and further promote our country’s film industry.

Awards are presented at two annual gala events to the outstanding talent who enter their work. Prizes run into hundreds of thousands; mostly high end camera stuff from Fuji Film so I’m quite jealous that I can’t even direct traffic let alone a short film.

Regular folk like you and I can climb onto the Bokeh glam wagon by attending the red carpet events held in Cape Town and Jozi. I’ll tell you about that at the end.

Bokeh Founder & MD Adrian Lazarus with Creative Director Julia Bekker
Bokeh Founder & MD Adrian Lazarus with Creative Director Julia Bekker



Jameson Irish Whiskey (1)



Hendrik Vermeulen Couture
Hendrik Vermeulen Couture
Carrol Boyes Functional Art
Carrol Boyes Functional Art

20901333_2002184086727565_6103599587568176140_oAt the launch, I had the pleasure of meeting the Carrol Boyes Marketing Team. Lauren is a gem. Not because the brand sent me a little gift out of the blue a few months ago but because of their passion for the collaboration; evident by the trophies they design for Bokeh.

On the fashion side, Adrian and his team are hashtag blessed to have Hendrik Vermeulen Couture playing once again in their sandbox. I’m totally biased towards the two Cape Town designers so don’t take my word for it but I think their craftsmanship is spellbinding.

The  tipple of the day comes from a new partnership with Jameson Irish Whiskey. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t indulge in the grain but Jameson is a sexy brand which suits Bokeh’s ethos of discernment, luxury and overall yumminess.

Of course Mercedez Benz is a sponsor, present at the launch in all its gleaming, ‘heavily-guarded’ AMG sleekness. I desire one. Deeply.

Ooh, I also got to chatting Vista Marina marketing manager Lize Payton. She’s delightful and totally confident yet relaxed about this new Waterfront eatery which doubles as an event venue. You should check out.

Alexis Mey

Aretha Bouwens with Annuel Ahmar
Aretha Bouwens with Annuel Ahmar
Tracy-Lee Rosslind
Cape Town stylist Tracy-Lee Rosslind
Carrol Boyes Sales Exec Taniya Miller
Carrol Boyes Sales Executive, Taniya Miller
Jeannine Nestel with JD Vermeulen of Hendrik Vermeulen Couture
Jeannine Nestel of Alessia Boutique with JD Vermeulen of Hendrik Vermeulen Couture




The naughty corner.
The naughty corner.
Adrian with Susanna Kennedy
Adrian with Bokeh Creative Director Susanna Kennedy wearing Hendrik Vermeulen Couture

So, about you and I hanging at the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates about events and ticket sales. Then, start saving for that Vermeulen Couture gown and let’s drink Jameson whiskey from Carrol Boyes artwear (I just made that word up) instead of coffee from paper cups.

Adrian , I love you and thank  you for glam on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday? Thursday? afternoon.
Have a great weekend, stylish ones.
love & light

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