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Can women do it all?

July 25, 2016

Can a woman do it all Clouds_Drummond

An honest account of where I’ve been these past few months.

I can handle working in a large ad agency but the past six months saw me employed at a smaller establishment. Along with it came an insurmountable plethora admin, and insane deadlines on a budget delivered by limited resources slap-bang in the middle of Loeries Awards season. There was never enough of anything.

These challenges were further compounded by my roles as a freelancer fashion writer for All4Women, a blogger, and more recently a Social Media Manager for my sister’s fledgling company, Sebastian Baby Wear. I also have a husband who, despite being the kindest, most patient human on the planet and cleans like a fairy godmother, still cannot fry an egg. Then there’s my home. This apartment built at the same time Noah floated the ark required so much repair work, a simple paint job turned into new plumbing, kitchen cupboards, flooring, lighting and and and. It’s still not done.

Fatigue became the order of my day as downtime and exercise were non-existent. Needless to say the stresses of a 20-hour work day spread across four jobs, a cortisol-driven diet which inflamed my skin and a permanently twitching eye due to lack of sleep all took it’s toll. I wasn’t coping so something had to give.

Sadly, it was my blog.

The collateral damage of being offline for so long saw me being knocked off event guest lists faster than an intern’s dignity at an agency party. Understandably so. I wasn’t delivering so how could I justify the invite. I was letting my readers and clients down and basically not doing what I loved the most.

I wasn’t happy.

One day, a young copywriter pointed out that when we agree to one thing, we have to surrender another or something will funk out.’ It’s basically Archimedes’ law of displacement. A vessel can only hold so much; add more and stuff spills over. In my situation, the quality of my life was being spilled. I had to make a decision; permanently surrender what I love or quit advertising. Having both was not an option.

Which did I choose?

Well, you’re reading this which means I chose what I love. I chose me and you. After a two month absence, I’m now standing before you asking you to accept my apology for the neglect. And hoping you will understand.

So, to answer the question; can women do it all?

Absolutely! Women can do anything and everything they want but it needn’t be all at the same time. Quality resides in balance.

What do you think?
love & light

PS: The pic above was taken on Saturday afternoon at the launch of Societi Bistro‘s Tour Through France menu. It’s been a week since I quit advertising and I have to admit, I already look happier and at peace. (with the help of Instagram filters, of course;)

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  1. You look beautiful! Slaying on all levels! We all have those moments but I’m glad to see you’re doing well.

    I look forward to new content. 🙂 keep well gorgeous xxx

    1. Hello darling.
      Good to hear from you.
      Thank you so much. It’s been tough but I’ll be fine.
      How are you doing? I owe your blog a visit.


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