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@cloudsdrummond tweet in Glamour October 2012

September 20, 2012

How cool is this? I’m in the Glamour SA Magazine October Issue.

Ok, so it’s not exactly a day-in-the-life-of 3-page spread with full colour pics and credits; just a Top Tweet I sent during the Craig Port Glamour GQ CTFW after party. I’m still chuffed tho. Being associated with anything glamorous is on every fashion lover’s bucket list.

I’ve chosen to share this with you because of something so inspiring Natalie Becker told me last night. In the middle of a crazy pamper party, we chatted briefly about the positive energy surrounding the pursuit and attainment of your goals. ‘When we take one step toward our dreams,’ she said, ‘our dreams take a step closer to us.’ I know, she’s beautiful inside and out.

Right now, I’m envisioning Glamour and I running slo-mo through a field of daisies with huge smiles on our faces and arms wide open. White fluffy bunnies are hopping around, birds are chirping. Hey, even Bambi looks happy.

I’m also encouraging you to take one step closer to your dreams. They’re there, waiting for you.

Happy thoughts, beautiful people:-)

love & lights

Clouds xxx

Photo credit:  Cover from Glamour Mag; Tweet Pic from my gorgeous friend Sabi Low from Samsu Event Management who has this incredible ability to spread fairy-dust wherever she goes. Love her.

PS: I hope the lady in hospital heals beautifully.

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