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January 12, 2010

Although quite common on the roads these days, you may, over the past few weeks, have spotted one particular little gem in and around town. The title on its birth certificate would read ‘Champagne silver 2009 Hyundai Tucson 2l GLS’ but I call it mine.

Your first inclination may be to consider me arrogant followed perhaps by a ‘so what’. But please understand that this is my first official grown-up car since dad’s hand-me downs during my student days; followed by the little 1400’s sans air-con, power-steering and electric windows which I’ve subsequently owned. I had a brief stint with a few of the above-mentioned trimmings – but hatchbacks were still not my preferred choice. So, after closing those naughty store accounts which women tend to accumulate, crunching numbers with the ‘other half’ and patting ourselves on the back for always being responsible about saving and investing for our golden years, we achieved what was once a ‘dream’. And it feels great. Roads are suddenly smoother, the view which 16” wheels offer is amazing (short people like myself would understand) and a blistering Cape Town summer has nothing on ‘climate control’. I still don’t quite understand the difference between that and air-con – but I love it. While I still need to master the art of oozing seductively from its luxurious leather interior, I have however noticed (or imagined) a lot more respectful drivers on the road. It felt as though the doors to that secret club had been opened and I have arrived. But as we all know and as I was soon to be reminded, spiritual beings do not host arrogance comfortably.

I was met with a charming yet humbling sight one evening which pulled me straight out of that imaginary club. An elderly homeless person stood patiently in the middle of a lane reserved for cars, waiting for the lights to change to green before crossing a busy intersection. My immediate reaction was ‘oh, how funny,’ but it was soon replaced with humility and an immense sense of gratitude. While that gentle soul may not have been unhappy with where in life he was, I certainly considered myself blessed at the manifestation of another dream.

‘no dream is ever too big; no dreamer too small’ – Anon

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