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Fragments Paris – Coffee at its best

March 26, 2018

You need to travel far and wide to find a decent cup of coffee in Paris. Sadly true yet odd, considering that this city is a bastion of cafe society. Parisians are renowned for downing an espresso at a bar or cafe counter. Now that brew is so strong and thick, a spoon could stand upright in the demi cup. The second a barista adds milk, froth or foam to create a latte or cappuccino, all bets are off and the taste of coffee goes tits up.

In pursuit of a decent cuppa, I took the metro on a rainy Sunday morning to Fragments Paris café on Rue des Tournelles in Le Marais. For the record, the 25-minute journey from my apartment in Saint-Germain is flipping far by Parisian standards as you can’t swing a cat on a street corner for fear of hitting a cafe. The trip, however, is worth every caffeine-infused sip.

Fragments Paris is tiny; about as wide as a king-sized bed and not much longer. On entry, its popularity is confirmed by the waiting list which held nine names before mine. Thankfully, I was able to jump the queue compliments of the ultra-, mega-, uber-cute manager who (a) thought the same of me or (b) needed me out of the way as I shamelessly blocked the narrow walkway thereby preventing any staff from serving the occupied tables.

Either way, I was seated. And here is where all the inconveniences of rainy days, cramped spaces and long waits disappeared. After a few obligatory pics for Instagram, I ditched my phone to the confines of my handbag, sipped the best cappuccino in town and loved my life for all it had to offer.

About the menu: As you know, while on holiday I sacrifice food in lieu of luxury goods but the cinnamon bun I ordered was worth breaking my fast. Hipsters and vegans will enjoy the avo on toast, the most regrammed pic on their social media timeline, apart from the bicycle outside. The rest of you sugar addicts could pick anything because every chocolate brownie, apple tart and glass of freshly squeezed orange looked wickedly decadent and scrummilicious.

Happy travels and love ‘n light

PS: Apologies for the poor quality pics. I took them surreptitiously for fear of resembling a tourist.


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