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good neighbours

January 23, 2010

My morning started with a bang. Literally. I hit the neighbours’ car as I reversed out of my garage. No negotiation, no inching. Just straight on. Bang! And all before my daily caffeine fix. Utter disbelief quickly followed the perfunctory profanity and then the debate as to whether I should take the high or the low road. I chose to seek the solace of gym and face the music later. I hastily scribbled note endorsed my decision.
The tale of the meeting in the car park, on my return, requires to be told. There we stood; remorseful offender, slightly perturbed other half and gracious neighbour, battling to contain our laughter. A slightly scarred Toyota Tazz had dug her heels in and held her own against my 4×2 now cowering in her garage, ashamed of a bumper which features a crater the size and possible depth of the sea of tranquility. Yes, dear readers. You may laugh too. It could quite easily have gone the other way. Tension and arguments, police reports, reams of insurance claim forms and litres of Rescue Remedy. Instead, we laughed as we parted ways. I am blessed with good neighbours – I hope they can still say the same about me.

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