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Happy Women’s Day: You are enough

August 8, 2019

Women’s Day in South Africa marks the anniversary of a great march on 9 August 1956, when 20 000 women protested against the carrying of passbooks.

Since then, its become a day to honour the feminine and celebrate our power. We remember the icons who paved the way for our successes and grieve the ones who have gone too soon. Above all, we raise awareness of the injustices against women; young and old.

Women also do stuff; a lot of stuff.

We heal, nurture, care and educate. We officiate, negotiate, budget and hustle. We campaign for our beliefs and donate our resources. We also take to Twitter to complain. A lot. We bitch about the police, SARS, Eskom and the government. We moan about food and fees, water and the weather. Even the air we breathe gets a bad rap. Wow! We complain a lot.

Stressed out, we then race to find balance, find ourselves, find God. We rush to yoga / zumba / lion’s head, take a selfie, and then rush back. (Who made Namaste-on-the-go a thing?) We squeeze in pamper sessions, or DIY a mani while hammering out emails, always apologising because we’re late. We’re always late.

Stop! Just stop.

It’s true that women we can do it all, but it doesn’t mean we have to. There’s also no reason to prove we care because women inherently live in a state of nurturing love.

Right now, I invite you to Be. Say, “I am enough”. Go on, take a deep breathe and say it out loud with me. I. Am. Enough.

I paused to read and think about a tweet today. It asked, “How and why are we celebrating Women’s Month when women are being raped and murdered every single day in our country.” (@Micylaaa) There’s so much hurt in those words and rightfully so because we are living in challenging times.

My response to that pain is simple. We celebrate Women’s Day because we will never give up. South African women are resilient warriors who fight, care and live in hope. However, we have to take time out to celebrate ourselves and say, “I am enough”.

Happy Women’s Day, goddesses. You are beautiful, loved and enough.

PS: If wondering why I’ve chosen a pic with David Beckham, rest assured I have a valid reason. My hair and makeup had been done by Carl Isaacs at Tease Hair & Beauty in Green Point, and I love it almost as much as I love my all time, man crush. There, I’ve told you a naughty secret about myself. What’s yours? 

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