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Hello 2017

January 1, 2017


Hello magical creatures.
Hope I’m not too late in wishing you a Happy 2017.

Today’s been a bit of a lazy one. Even though I stayed in on New Year’s Eve, I think the bottle of bubbles I consumed may have influenced today’s many long naps interrupted only by serious snacking. I’ve eaten too much this season so needless to say some serious detoxing will be going down this year but until then, I will continue to rest and heal. (You may want to read about my tumultuous 2016 here.)

One the plus side, I’m ready for the new year. It feels… confident. Not wow! amazing or mystical and magical but powerful. As I mentioned on my Instagram pic,  I’ve left the baggage, drama and BS behind and only allowing love in. This year I feel as though I’m onto something good and I’m gonna run with it. In heels and red lipstick.

So, how was your day? And what are your plans for the year ahead?

Until I hear from you, I wish you love, kindness and a very successful 2017. Happy New Year, beautiful ones.
love & light

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  1. Happy New Year my friend!

    Let’s attempt to detox together — I too have put on too much weight. But only the one above can help me to say no to a glass of bubbles… Can we do it?

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