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How to wear Gen Z Yellow

August 14, 2018

This daffodil coloured trend earned its stripes last year when it kicked Millenial Pink into oblivion. I wasn’t a fan until I received a Michael Kors handbag for Christmas and did a bit of an “oooh hello”. A pair of suede heels followed last month which was needed to jazz up a brown knitted dress. At the event I attended, they literally took on a life of their own. I am now officially in love so here’s how to wear Gen Z Yellow with absolute confidence.

If you’re conservative like me, stick to accessories. If you’re blonde or have a yellow undertone to your skin,  consider wearing the colour on the bottom half of your body. For the rest of you, go bananas. It’s fun and unashamedly flirty.

Are you convinced yet?  Tell me what you think or what you already have. I bet it’s delicious.
Have fun, stylish ones.
love and light

Image credit: WhoWhatWear, Style du Monde, Fashionista, High Snobiety and Vogue.

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    1. Hello-ooo darling, thank you so much for popping in and for the beautiful compliment. I’m smiling;) It is a happy colour, isn’t it? Hope to see and meet you sometime. We live in hope. CDx

  1. Oh YASSSS! I love canary yellow! I had a dress that was gorgeous but it grew legs, for obvious reasons, I guess. It’s such a happy colour! Love what you’ve put together here!

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