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In my opinion; Trends can take a backseat for now.

August 5, 2020
Zeitgeist Poncho - Photo by Anton van Zyl 02

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and had a good old chat with you. I keep making excuses about life getting in the way, about working more with my clients than on my own brand and and and. I won’t test your patience again so let’s dive right in and talk about fashion during Covid-19.

In my opinion, trends can take a backseat for now. I’m not discounting its overall value in the design world or the fact that fresh and exciting is what generates the fashion industry. I’m specifically talking about stuff like, are 70’s flares and hair flicks still in? or have fugly shoes returned to haunt us. (Don’t look at the Bottega Venetta 2020 Resort Collection if you’re having a bad day).

The reason I’m bringing this up is because of our current economic climate. The rand is dropping faster than a whore’s drawers on pay weekend forcing businesses to shut at a rate of knots. In fact, Business Tech recently reported that 3 in every 10 stores polled have no hope of sustaining themselves for the duration of the pandemic.

For this reason, I’m forced to ask where 2020 trends like oversized Victorian sleeves or a faux leather boiler suit fit into the equation. They do if they’re locally made. So, for a few minutes, try to tear your eyes away from Terrance’s abs and hear me out.

I’ve been championing local design for a few years because I believe in a few brands. Now, it’s almost become an obligation. If you’re in a financial position to buy clothes or homeware, get behind small businesses. They’re the ones physically driving the economy and you can help more than you realise.

For starters, now’s a great time to work on developing your personal style. Do you like classic black, or bold prints? Edgy or tailored cuts? Whatever you love, find a designer who’s work you can relate to. Follow them on social media, comment on and share their posts. And when you buy, tag them or rate their businesses on Facebook.

Designers may not always respond. Some run their entire businesses by themselves and simply don’t have the time, while others are just plain useless and have no clue on how to use social media properly. Either way, know that they value your support more than you’ll ever know.

I’m not discouraging you from buying those new kicks or crystal wine glasses but if you have a choice between Made in China or Made in SA, stop for a minute and think local.

Happy shopping, style lovers. And you may go back to checking Terrance out again.
love & light

Photo credit: Terrance Hay wearing a Zeitgeist poncho shot by Anton van Zyl. This style was available on Curated.Africa but its since sold out. Well done, you lot have been shopping. Please check out the other designs before they’re all gone so click here to buy local.

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  1. Loved the post. we need find a happy median. Stylishly at home. Sports luxe can step up our game. Always loved the trend.
    Thanks for the advice and the levity!

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