In the Wardrobe of Karisa Nicholls

June 10, 2012

So-oooo, you may have seen Karisa appear once, twice maybe 10 times on and lollipops. If you haven’t, take a peek into her definitive urban style wardrobe.


She’s done this well enough to do all the talking. Take it away, Kariss.

“I’m just a fun loving IT nerd slash corporate slave who enjoys blogging on the side.  I’m happiest when I’m exploring a different country or when I’m shopping (I have a serious shopping addiction). I’m quite easy going and like to try new things.  I also secretly watch a lot of bad reality TV (Think The Bachelor and such… eek!). 

Oh and then I’m also OCD, I have control issues and have an undying need for people to like me.  In fact, I was once told during one of those personality tests (this one used birds to describe different types of people) that I’m a “peacock”. I can tell you that the “owls”, “doves” and “eagles” in the room were judging me hard for that one.”

This season, I’ll mostly be wearing… skinny jeans, blazers and jackets, ankle boots, scarves & snoods.  And if Zara finally opens – pretty much everything from that store. (Stand in line, sister. Stand in line. – Ed)

My ‘must-stop-they-have-a-sale’ shop is… Nine West, Aldo, Country Road and Zoom for shoes. La Senza for undies and The Body Shop for bath products.   For fashion, it’s A-List and MeMeMe in Long St, The Lot in Kloof St, Country Road and Forever New.  AND my new online obsession

I wish I had never worn…  a green check cowboy type shirt, white tank top and straight leg blue jeans. This was a massive craze when I was in Std. 7.  I remember going to a school social in my awesome new look and everyone was pretty much wearing exactly the same thing!  We looked like extras in a bad Country & Western music video.  Ooh, another bad one was my Pepe dungarees which was 10 sizes too big paired with white platformed canvas takkies. (And a ponytail tied on the side of your head with a scrunchie, right? Love it! – Ed) Don’t judge me too hard, I grew up in PE.

My fashion girl crush is…. Jessica Alba for sure.  She  always looks so chic and effortlessly put together. I love her sexy red carpet looks, including her hair and make-up which is always done to perfection. And then when you see her just sommer on the street, she always looks like she’s just stepped out of a fashion mag. I’ve always said that if I could look like any other person on the planet, I would totally pick her.

The one thing I would never lend to a friend, not even my BFF, is… my  leather “pilot style” jacket from Forever New. It’s just really really hard to find that perfect fitting leather jacket, OK. 😉

My all-time best buy is…  

This is a tough one but I would say all my statement pieces;  my classic grey coat from Mango, my trench coat from Twist at Woolworths and that leather jacket from Forever New of course.  Then my fun & flirty cocktail dress collection from A-List. I’m absolutely obsessed with their dresses.  And lastly jeans, jeans and more jeans! all in different colours – but always skinny. (So that’spretty much your whole wardrobe then. Nice!-Ed :-))

Thanks for this, doll. You done good.

Follow @ctmylove on Twitter and check out her Mother City loving’ blog, MyLoveAffairWithCapeTown for more fun and fab-ness.

Happy shopping ya’ll.

love & light

Clouds xx

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