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My interview with Grant Davison on

August 31, 2017

I had plans for Women’s Months. Big plans. I wanted to adopt a ‘No explanation needed’ attitude, start saving for a holiday and buy that ever-elusive nude trench coat. I also wanted to raise the profile of women who inspire me. You know, take-over-the-world kind of stuff.

Well, August flew by in haze. What happened?

I’m still working on saying no without feeling guilty, still hiding from my credit card statement, and that trench has yet to find me. The empowering women bit is a little more interesting. 

Not only did I miss that target too *surprise* but my beautiful friend Grant Davison beat me to it. On his blog HC SVNT DRCNS, he interviewed a few women who inspires him and blogged about each in a series titled, Voices. Bearing in mind that he has some pretty influential ladies on speed dial, I was awed and floored to have made it onto his list.

An appropriate response to Grant’s generosity would have been bubbles and a hug but I’ve been hiding from him too. See, I forgot his birthday and haven’t made a contingency plan yet. Absolutely unforgivable considering what a wonderful person he is.*hangs head in shame* He doesn’t deserve me.

So right now, I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her (again).

And I’m asking you to hop over to and read about my superpowers, the contents of my fridge and having tea with Karl Lagerfeldt as well as the other wonderful women who are blessed to have such a smart, sweet man as a friend.

Happy v. belated birthday, Mr G.
love & light

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