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May 11, 2011

Tess, this is the deal in a nutshell. Some guy who called himself Billy Jones opened a Twitter account @InjunctionSuper and spread what appears to be some nasty rumours…

 … saying things like Jeremy Clarkson’s been slapped with an injunction because he (Jeremy) apparently threatened to release naughty pics of himself and Jemima Khan. Other supposed illicit affairs involving Ryan Giggs, Gordon Ramsay, a UK Big Brother star and an actor called Hugh have also been ‘revealed’.

Pretty naughty bottom-spanking, booby-tweaking stuff if you asked me. I read them on Twitter last night just as I was dozing off and while they seemed pretty convincing are probably not true. There was just too much detail.

Well I think, no-one would have taken much notice in such a short period of time had Jemima Khan not opened her mouth to start squealing like a stuffed pig.

… in denial, she went on and on and on again; that she had just gotten back from a dinner party at the Clarkson’s home, that they’re great friends blah blah and even retweeted a tweet she supposedly received from Jeremy’s wife apparently confirming their support through this ordeal. Or something like that.

Then practically every newspaper in Britain jumped on the bandwagon. Reams and bytes of news exploded like fireworks on Chinese New year.

Feminists hailed the injustices of powerful women being victimised – jemima said thank you – pap-journos moaned about how famous people shouldn’t have the priveledge of gagging whenever they do something naughty – jemina denied again – and legal eagles waxed lyrical about freedom of the press vs defamation of character – jemima wailed about her kids possibly being bullied at school and personal threats.
Like I said, she just went on and on. I think this furore may have started with something like this. An article probably similar to a few others posted on 26 April reporting on a super-injunction discussion in UK Parliament may have incensed @InjunctionSuper so much, he or she decided to cash in before the going got hot.
Ironically, talks of gagging or perhaps just control over websites, Blogs and Twitter now appear to be ridiculed by the very vehicle ‘they’ wish to silence. Fascinating stuff!
Well I think this dirty finger pointed at lovely people is unfair and malicious. Jez is one super-hottie and I’m surprised that an intelligent woman like Jemma would not want to be associated with someone like him. And we all know what a charming man Gordy is – there’s no way he would grab a boob or unfairly sack anyone! Or maybe not.
But how do you like them apples? Lets say we compare UK parliament to a hornet’s nest. Maybe @InjunctionSuper decided to kick it just for sh*ts and giggles. Or maybe Billy Jones  is a Minister of Parliament who really really really wanted his vote counted.

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