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Know your worth Vol. 1; Celebrate Victories

August 6, 2019

I blinked! I swear that’s all I did and 10 months passed since my last post. Where’d the time go? Is it even worth a worth a mention?

I’ve had to put my beloved blog aside for a while to cement my fledging business. During that time, I experienced meteoric highs and lots of ugly tears. I lost out on some valuable business prospects, I lost my cool in a client meeting and if the latter were to be analysed, I probably lost some respect as well. On the flip side, I grew a mighty pair of brass balls which, I’m happy to announce, I haven’t lost since. In fact, they’ve grown.

If I were to define myself by all which has transpired over this time, its that I learned my value as a woman and a small business owner. I learned that you can’t put food on the table or shoes on your feet if you’re giving the milk away.

So, when and how did the realisation of value dawn?

Could it have been my appointment as a design curator on Curated.Africa? Or when the Cape Town College of Fashion and Design invited me to sit on the curation panel of their Class of 2018 Graduation Show?

Top: Behind-the-scenes with stills photographer & MU artist, the beautiful SJ van Zyl. Bottom: Curated.Africa is an online destination for quality handmade African designed products, curated and sourced from ethical artisans.


CTCFD Cuaration Panel 2018
Top (l): CTCFD announcing me as one of the curators for their 2018 Graduation Show, (r) With Ludwig Bausch of RuffTung who designed the sequinned dress I’m wearing. Bottom: The CTCFD 2018 Graduation  Curation Panel; Tiaan Schutte of Creative Revolt, Roshan Isaacs of Style Africa, Ludwig Bausch, Glitter Ball, radio personality & talk show host Colin Schouw, Kerry-Lee Bell of Cape Town Fashion Council, CTCFD Head of Institution Greg Maragelis and Imprint designer Mzukisi Mbane.

I know that RuffTung’s invitation for me to take over their Instagram account during AFI Fashion Week in Joburg was a highlight. We also cannot dismiss the value of my first yoga headstand performed on a milestone birthday. Or my 1500-word article on fashion slavery and the importance of buying local, which was published in print and online.

Top: (r) I got to wear RuffTung SS18 before it showed on AFI runway. Love those designers. (l) I havent progressed to a full hand stand yet. No rush. Bottom: My article about The Fashion Revolution in The Southern Cross.

All this busy-ness happened last year. In contrast, 2019 saw a more introspective me engaging in the less glam yet cathartic activities of decluttering my life. I distanced myself from toxic relationships, did some serious DIY projects at home,  and learned to become selfishly discerning with the company I keep and the events I frequent. Gone are the day of attending the opening of an envelope simply to secure a good pic on Instagram.

My hair, on the other hand, took a journey of its own. From dry, brittle and damaged to the most diabolical wig on the planet, to healthy follicles enhanced by extensions. This rocky road needs a seperate blog post so we’ll bench it for now.

The point I’m trying to make is that our value increases when we acknowledge and honour every personal victory and success. Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson and Serena Williams were the top female earners in their respective fields in 2018. They didn’t reach the top of their game by giving their milk away. Hell no. They raised fists in victory after every amazing performance, then upped their rates accordingly.

And that’s what I believe we should do – especially small business owners. We should start valuing ourselves by celebrating our victories, and not be afraid to charge what we’re worth.

Above all, I think we should adjust each others’ crowns as we go along.  As one of my best friends said, “we’re all walking each other home”.

Happy Women’s Month, stylish ones. You are loved and valued. 

PS: When Peter Weetman and Johan van Heerden of Curated.Africa invited me to shoot my collection, I had No Idea they intended for me to style it as well. I guess we could add Stylist to my portfolio as well. (See if you can spot me eating the props. Lolz!)

Pop a comment below and share your victories, no matter how small it may seem. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me.

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  1. Welcome back Clouds! Life is such a journey and we only have one and it sounds like you went through it and came out singing and happy. I l love it!
    I resigned and at 43 with a 13 year old daughter, am doing the stay-at-home-Mom thing and it’s wonderful and so soul freeing.
    Stay strong and thank you always for your posts!

    1. Alexis, I’m holding my heart in gratitude and love for your kind words. I am in a better space. Congratulations to you for your beautiful decision to stay home and be the teacher of a world leader; that’s what moms are. I wish you all love and joy. And thank you again. CDx

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