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Lupita Nyong'o's Oscar dress was stolen

February 28, 2015
(Image from Vanity Fair)
(Image from Vanity Fair)

It’s unusual for me to do TMZ-type scandal news but 2:00am doesn’t see me scouring Forbes magazine for stock tips.

Lupita Nyong’o’s $150 000 Calvin Klein dress worn on the red carpet to the Oscars was stolen from her hotel room on Wednesday night. Beaded using 6 000 pearls made her gown unique and the most recognisable. It even made it on my top 10 list HERE earlier this week.

Vanity Fair called in an expert to weigh in on a few theories on the current status of the dress. (a) It’s probably been reduced to a bag of pearls by now. (b) Someone is trying to sell it on the black market. (c) It’s being displayed in someone’s home.

I have another theory; the pearls are being crushed, then mixed with kale juice and urine (yes, urine is new diet fad) as it’s magical powers are reputedly a cure for some disease like stupidity. I mean, who would steal such a hot ticket item thinking they could get away with it?

Read the full stories HERE and HERE.

What are your theories on where the dress could be?

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UPDATE: Two hours after posting this piece, I learnt the dress has been found. Check it out HERE.


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