Milan Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

October 1, 2015

Milan_Duomo_17‘Clouds, you have to visit the Milan Duomo. It. Is. Beautiful!’, begged my friend Adele who’s fascination with Milan borders on obsession.

My reply of what is that? was met with three ROFL emojis. Yes, this is all going down on WhatsApp as I have not researched Milan prior to arrival. Having learned it was a church, I headed off to the centre of Milan and it’s famous cathedral.

I won’t bore you with the history of Duomo – there’s Google for that – but I will attest to its absolute magnificence. I arrived late afternoon with the setting sun turning the stone to old gold. As Adele said, it was absolutely beautiful.

However! what Adele failed to mention – and here I’ll need to have woods with her on my return – it that the Duomo is situated on a plaza which also holds Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the mecca of designer stores. Does that girl not know me at all?

Here worshipping of a different kind is done as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Tods and Gucci brush shoulders with Mercedes Benz, Armani and Zara’s father, Massimo Dutti. (We need this store in Cape Town.)










In the centre of this galleria or mall of opulence is a mosaic of a rampant bull with a hole where his testicles should be. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was built in 1877 by Giuseppe Mengoni who fell to his death weeks before the 14-year project was completed. Tradition has it that to avoid a similar misfortune, Milanese and tourists alike have been placing their heels on the bull’s testicles then spinning backward three times.

Now, a few days after crushing el torro’s nuts, I ran out of data on my phone and sat stranded at one of Rome’s stats ion without being able to call an Uber. Then two day after that, I was blessed by the pope at the Vatican. You make a call on whether the myth runs true or not but if anyone sends you to the Duomo in Milan, go. It is breathtaking.

And also add ‘spinning on the bull’s balls‘ to your to-do list. You may not believe in luck but that was the first time I saw strangers LOL’ing at each other without anyone taking offence.



Milan_Galleria_vittorio_emanuele_II_2Ciao bella
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