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Clouds Drummond featured on Mzansi Store blog

September 1, 2014

Shout out to Mzansi Store for featuring A Day In The Life Of Clouds Drummond on their blog.


Mzansi Blog 03
#ADayInTheLifeOf on Mzansi Store blog highlights a blogger and five pics from his or her Instagram feed.

Okay, so I’m writing a shameless self-promotional, ooh-look-at-me blog post (sorry guys, I’m in a happy Spring mood today). However, you need to admire Mzansi’s social media marketing strategy; feature a blogger and they’ll talk about you. Smart, huh?

Thanks for the love guys. Straight back at ya.
Thanks for the love guys. Straight back at ya.

Anyhoo, thanks to founder and director Deidre Luzmore and her team for the love as I don’t mind my name being thrown around. As Oscar Wilde once said; there’s only one thing worse than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about.

Happy Spring Day, ya’ll.
love & light
Clouds xxx

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    1. Thank you Nicolene. And I agree. I spoke with a fellow blogger last week and learned that she reads as many as blogs as she can just it give them and additional hit per day. Highly commendable.
      Thumbs up to Mzansi Store.

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