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My New Years Resolution is to be less perfect

January 3, 2018

My new years resolution is to be less perfect. Oh, the arrogance in that statement! Now before you go all WTF on me, hear me out.

Ohh firstly, Happy New Year my darlings. How was your festive season? As you can see I did a little work so welcome to my new look website. Its still very much a work in progress as I need my developer to return from holiday to fine tune and make pretty so this will have to do for now.

And here in lies the explanation to my New Years Resolution.

Ordinarily, I would procrastinate and delay any project, article, blog post, photograph until everything was perfect. I always have such a clear vision in my mind’s eye of what the end result should look like, that no current condition is ever suited to achieving that look.

I’m loathe to invite guests to dinner because my home always has that one incomplete DIY project staring me in the face. Or I would delay doing a shoot because I have a pimple or I’m feeling fat and bloated. Do you find yourself in similar situations?

Do you know I have a problem with how I look in every one of these pictures which is why I never showed you. Yet for all intents and purposes they were amazing days! Ok, except the black and white one. That was my mourning look when Chester Bennington from Linkin Park passed away. I cried all day. But the rest, Fun! Fun! Fun!

Well I learned that waiting for that perfect moment does nothing but rob you from living your best life. I find myself missing out on fun and success when I procrastinate. True friends won’t care that your bathroom has a broken tile on the wall as long as its clean and fresh smelling. All they want is to laugh with you. (If they judge you, they’re not real friends.) Readers won’t mind that all your pop down menus aren’t there yet (Look up. See, no Categories yet) All they care about is that you spent time with them. As for that pimple on your face, there are loads of Beauty products and Phone Apps to hide or zap it.

So this is me for 2018. Doing the stuff I love and perfection be damned. I have no intention of dropping the quality of my standards as that’s not how one grows. Instead I will be gentler, kinder and more forgiving with myself. Being happy is what counts.

Do you have a similar fear? What’s your New Years resolution? Lets make this a year to share more and in so doing, help each other grow instead of judging and shaming. There’s too much hate in this world as it is. May this be our finest one to date.

Happy 2018, you delicious human beings.
love & light

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  1. Beauty… love this post Clouds…

    Mine is to continue to love and accept and enjoy ME… because I am awesome ?

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