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No haters allowed at The Hide Out Cafe

August 26, 2017

As you’ve noticed, I resurrected my blog last week. (Again!) It seems all I ever do is apologise to you for my long stretches of absence. If you think I’ve used up all my nines lives and not deserving of another minute of your time, I will understand. However, I would prefer that you didn’t.

If you must know, I’ve been trying to carve a career as a social media consultant. It’s been tough! especially as I’ve had to take a serious cut in income. While most would concur that money can’t buy happiness, a woman still needs to pay bills. Shopping, for anything barring essentials, has had to take a back seat. Way-aaay back!

This lifestyle adjustment has forced my to re-evaluate how I spend my time. Gone are the days when I hand out hours in my day for the benefit of other brands. As a businesswoman with no steady income, I’ve learnt that there really is no free lunch in this town. Anything and everything comes with a price so if I’m not building my brand or forging relationships which benefit me, then I’m not prepared to do it.

This change in mindset has allowed me to filter what I do and who I choose to do it with. I’ve culled haters and unconstructive critics from my life, and all else which doesn’t serve me.  As a result, beautiful spaces have been created in my life. Spaces now occupied by beautiful people.

You, my loyal and new readers are all part of that beautiful crowd so here’s to us.

Have you made any big life changes or decisions? Please share as I always love to hear from you.

Coffee with a client at The Hide Out Cafe, 58 Loop St, Cape Town

Have a beautiful weekend, stylish ones.
love & light

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