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How to rescue stressed skin: Lymph Drainage Massage at Langaro Lifestyle Centre

May 1, 2017


Lymph Drainage massage

11 months ago, I quit advertising cold-turkey with no job prospect in place. Brave? Stupid? You decide. All I know is I’d had enough. Since then, I’ve been hustling like a faux car guard in Long Street on First Thursdays to build a career as a freelance Social Media Manager.

Self-employment comes with the freedom of managing your own day along with the benefit of not having to answer to anyone else. However, the financial stress of being a one-woman show in this industry is overwhelming. If I’m not physically working, I’m not earning money. It’s as simple as that. I found my eyes glued to an electronic device 20 hours a day with no reprieve (or spare resources) for travel, events or even chilling on the couch.

Poor circulation, stress-induced bacteria in my body and the evils of comfort food created continuous skin eruptions on my face even a spotty teen would envy. Topical cosmetic exfoliators and masks offered temporary relief for one swollen bump only to have another surface elsewhere. My skin was so bad, even the selfie retouching app on my phone couldn’t cope with the bumps and scars.I needed the big guns so I started my healing process with a Lymph Drainage Massage at Langaro Lifestyle Centre in Camps Bay.

Lymph drainage massage 03Lymph is a clear fluid which flows through the body to flush out waste thereby  preventing infections. Poor diet, lack of exercise and stress contributes toward lymph congestion and subsequent health issues. Think of stagnant, leaf-clogged water in a swimming pool sans a pool pump.

A lymph drainage massage is a gentle yet effective medical body massage designed to improve the overall function of the lymph system. This slow, rhythmic massage gently stretches the skin in circular movements encouraging toxins to be reabsorbed from the body’s tissue back into the lymph fluid.

The lymph system then cleanses the toxins from the fluid, pumps it back into the bloodstream allowing the body to excrete waste and excess fluid (much like a Kreepy Krauly would suck up those leaves to allow better pool water filtration).

The pressure applied on the skin during this treatment is no more than the weight of a teaspoon of water but it’s efficacy is phenomenal. I noticed a significant increase in my body’s ability to reduce the swollen bumps on my chin. Surprisingly, I also slept better at night as lymph drainage massage also treats the nervous system producing a calming, relaxed feeling.

Here’s a video I found which illustrates the treatment beautifully.

Tips and hints for your Lymph Drainage Massage.

  1. On the day of your treatment, avoid body creams or lotions as friction on the skin is important for a successful massage.
  2. You’ll need to remove all your clothing except underwear. During the session, you’ll remain modestly covered as your therapist will only expose one area of your body at a time.
  3. Dimmed lights, candles, soft music and warm towels all contribute towards a pleasant experience. There’s nothing harsh, clinical or invasive about this treatment.
  4. When stagnant lymph fluid is released back into circulation, more fluid is being processed by the kidneys. Empty your bladder before a session – and don’t be surprised if you need to go again soon after.
  5. A session lasts 75 minutes – excluding pre-and post phaffing around  – so try not to rush the process. Follow ups are on the recommendation of your therapist. 
  6. Lymph drainage is also beneficial in the treatment of bruising, sports injuries and post-op scarring. For the latter, consult a physician or wait at least 6-8 weeks after surgery.
  7. Price-wise, you’re looking at about R876 per session which is well worth the benefits.

Given that a Lymph Drainage Massage is a highly technical process, seek treatments only from trained professionals. Leigh at Langaro is my go-to healer without question. Call +27 21 437 1690 or click here for an appointment.

Here’s to healthy skin one circular movement at a time.
love & light

Part 2 of my Stressed Skin solution will cover how I’m dealing with the scarring. Later, my lovelies.

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