Ruff Tung, the Cape Town designer brand going places

January 11, 2017

Its back to blog work for me today. I’m kicking 2017 off with a spotlight on Ruff Tung, the Cape Town designer brand which is going places.

I first encountered Ruff Tung when the brand showed at the Durban Fashion Fair back in 2013. Designer Jean-Paul Botha, a charming bearded gentlemen who could easily be your favourite uncle, showed a (refreshing) understanding of the female form. He’s designs were chic, playful and impeccably constructed.

Then the look of the brand appeared to take a dip.

Little did I know that Paul had passed away, leaving the directorship to his apprentice Bridget Pickering. For a year or two I can only assume Bridget flapped a few times at the responsibility of filling such big shoes. As I said, her initial work showed little of Paul’s DNA.

Enter Cape Town Fashion Week SS15/16! Ruff Tung owned the night as they exploded onto the runway in all their chic and floral glory. I loved it all. From an amazonian model in a crisp white trouser suit to a waif in an orchid-print kaftan, Ruff Tung re-emerged as the brand to be noticed. And they haven’t disappointed since.

Designers Bridget Pickering and Ludwig Bausch design casually sophisticated collections which still honour Jean-Paul Botha’s legacy yet carry they individual creativity. Their floral prints are inspired by the orchids he grew while kaftans and drapery – a staple in their stable – embrace the more voluptuous woman. Vibrant prints feature high on their energetic agenda. This fact proven by their recent collaboration with artist Gordon Ross who created the art work for their latest collection which debuted at the Pure Trade Show in London last year.

(l) White trouser suit at Cape Town Fashion Week SS15/16 which is still on my lust-have list (r) Ruff Tung designers Bridget Pickering and Ludwig Bausch at AFI Fashion Week 16/17. Did you know their seamstresses attend their shows in Cape Town? More designers should do that.
(l) Cape Town Fashion Week SS15/16 (r) Skincare launch event in Camps Bay where I styled the piece with an obi leather belt and blue heels.
(l) Orchid-print inspired by the late Paul Botha, Ruff Tung’s first designer which also showed at Cape Town Fashion Week SS15/16 (r) Loved my light and breezy look for the Craig Port Swimwear 2016 Pool Party.
(l) Dragon print jumpsuit which debuted at Pure in London. Print design by artist, Gordon Ross. (r) At the launch of Triage, a fashion collab between Ruff Tung, Anneen Henze and Isabel de Villiers

I’ve been hashtag blessed to have formed a friendship with Bridget and Ludwig. Between Bridget’s energy, Ludwig’s critical eye and both of their craziness, Ruff Tung is a brand to keep an eye on – and get into your wardrobe. Its casually sophisticated and easily wearable for any occasion.



02-ruff-tung-clouds-drummondHappy New Year, Bridget and Ludwig. We still need to see in 2017 with a bottle of bubbles.
love & light

Ruff Tung info: Mobile: +27 82 872 0263| Email: |Twitter: @Ruff_Tung|Instagram: @rufftung |Facebook: Ruff TungShop at Spree, at African Pride 15 on Orange hotel boutique, The Bromwell Boutique Mall and Smitten in Kenilworth. 


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