Ruff Tung MBFW Joburg 2017 Spring/Summer

August 21, 2017

Ruff Tung took a whole lotta crazy to MBFW Joburg 2017 this weekend. I mean, how many sequins can one fashionista handle?

Never enough, if you’re as much of a fan as I am. To understand their work is to know designer Bridget Pickering and her love affair with light reflectors. This is a mother of three who wears purple lycra leggings to work and silver sparkles to casual drinks on a Thursday night in the ‘burbs.

Design house partner Ludwig Bausch doesn’t shy away from bling either, evident by those damn hot gold jeans he wore on show night. Yoh!

So there’s clearly no question as to why they lit up the runway at MBFWJ2017 with a collection of sequins bold enough to resurrect Elton John’s career. Correction! There is one question. Why only now?

I think its indicative of the designers’ growing confidence in their brand since taking over the helm from the late Jean-Paul Botha about four years ago. Each new collection shows they’re no longer afraid to stamp their individuality on it.

But who cares about the why? The Ruff Tung SS17/18 collection is bold and daring. It’s sexy enough to secure you a table for 10 at Harrington’s without a reservation.

Now let’s talk about the other wow! which lit up Twitter on show night. The designers didn’t take curves onto the runway. They showed real women. South African women. The ones most designers dress behind closed curtains and some stylists are scared to touch.

What sets this show apart from others featuring real women is that these aren’t two different looks; one for XS and another for XXL. This is a cohesive collection designed to suit a variety of body shapes. And we love it!


2_MBFWJ_RuffTung_SDR 2



I had the pleasure of hanging with Bridget and the models before they left for Jozi. (At Harrington’s, of course.) These aren’t chubby chicks who scoff KFC all day. Oh hell no. They’re mighty fine ladies; professional models, brand ambassadors and business women. They hit the treadmills at gym in a manner I’m too scared to compete with. From what I saw on Instastories (thanks @gerrycupido), Ruff Tung owned the night.

Ruff Tung

Ruff Tung

Gratz! Bridg and Ludwig. Love your work. Can’t wait for the collection to hit stores and online. Until then, I’ll stick to beginners yoga and leave the treadmill and the runway to the pros.

What do you think of Ruff Tung’s show? C’mon, be honest. Truth serum is so liberating.
love & light

PS: Bridget, I’ve basically shown you my summer wardrobe, including all! the tassled sandals. Chat later?;)

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