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RuffTung designer Bridget Pickering; Glamour’s Most Glamorous 2018

September 29, 2018
Bridget Pickering Glamour Magazine Most Glamorous Fashion Icon

I feel like a proud parent having watched this local brand skyrocket from their first show at Cape Town Fashion Week back in 2015 (Read about it here) to this moment. RuffTung designer Bridget Pickering was voted Glamour magazine’s Most Glamorous fashion icon for 2018. Wowee!

Seeing the outfits she wore for the magazine shoot and on the awards night in Jozi a few weeks ago is a testament to the fact that this accolade is earned. I mean, this is a woman who wears faux fur jackets and metallic sneakers while sending emails from her desk. Both stellar numbers were designed by her business partner Ludwig Bausch and we have to agree that he has outdone himself. Dare we say, Glamazon!

I cannot wait for RuffTung to start creating ready-to-wear pieces like these, preferably with fewer zeros on the swing tag. (Word on the street is her gold number has four.) My orders are already in.

Bridget and Ludwig, congratulations from every corner of my heart. I am proud to support your brand and hashtag flippin’ blessed to call you my friends. To the stars, my darlings. To. The. Stars!

Love & light

Photo credit: Glamour Magazine. Read more about the awards ceremony here.

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