SA Menswear Week AW18: Zeit Geist does it again!

February 16, 2018

A fellow blogger called it when she described the Zeit Geist model line up at SA Menswear Week as a gene pool which didn’t need chlorine. OMW! Designer Maxine Ginsberg Mauerberger sure knows how to pick them.

One could easily be led to the conclusion that they’re there for no other reason but to detract from the poor design work. Banish that thought. I’ll shamelessly name drop to say that every moment in Maxine’s company is a literal brainstorm on work ethics, quality and fresh business ideas. Her brain doesn’t rest. And judging by her AW18 collection neither does her design prowess.

Okay, enough butt kissing. Let’s take a look at the very yummy Bart, Terrance, Wim and Geraldo. Oops, I name-dropped again, didn’t I? Sorry, I meant the clothes.

Zeit Geist, or ZG to its friends, is pure rock ‘n roll. Its dark, edgy, masculine and very European which I don’t mind at all. You won’t find a model tripping over his sea green chiffon palazzo pants here. Gents, this is what you’ll be wearing when you jet me off to Fashion Week around the world.

Hmmm, okay maybe not the burgundy velvet coat. That look is exclusively reserved for hottie Jimmy. And once again, I didn’t understand the shorts and sandals in a winter collection but I suppose there are tourists and Durban’s all-year-sunshine to contend with.

One the whole, a damn sexy collection. And now that ZG has added tailored suiting to there retinue, every guy could easily shop his holistic wardrobe here… and then some!

Congratulations on another stunner Maxi Jazz. Love you, your work and your boys. PS: Who’s the newbie in the faux fur? We like. A lot. [insert heart-eye emoji]

love & light

Photo credit: Simon Deiner. View the full collection here.

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