SA Menswear Week AW18: Magents amplified #MeToo

February 12, 2018

The SA Menswear Week AW18 shows kicked off the South African fashion circuit on Friday 9 February. Hosted by co-founder Simon Deiner and his team, we’re seeing this event – now in its 7th season – grow in stature from a hot as hell basement parking lot at the V&A Waterfront to Cape Town City Hall, nogal. Someone’s doing something right.

I have so much to tell you, from slow-dancing with Duncan Pape in the Belvedere Vodka lounge to my interview with hottie model Jimmy Ogunlaja for Spice TV. *cringe* But all of that will have to take a back seat as I need to talk about the Magents show.

It’s self-explanatory that the Cape Town-based designers use the runway to express their strong political and socio-economic views. In fact, I flipped my lid a few years ago when they claimed that our blood is all the same colour, then proceeded to use all black models. So much for equality.

This year they wowed me by amplifying the #MeToo movement in both their messaging and music. What could be more haunting than a finale to the sound of Woman in Chains by Tears For Fears? Diane von Furstenberg once said that a show is all about the music and this track choice proved her point. I thought it bold and smart to take a message of abuse against women onto a men’s runway so this one gets a big olthumbs up from me this time around. Nice one, guys!

Right, let’s talk about the clothes.

I hold an insatiable passion for denim jeans and this brand delivers to perfection; a rare find in South Africa. One needs to only look at the signature M belt loop at the back to know their attention to creative detail is astounding and the garment finishing is flawless.

Sadly, my passion for the collection waned ever so slightly. We’ve seen their jeans and vintage tees look before. Many times! And why are we seeing shorts in an Autumn Winter collection?

I would love for this design powerhouse to push their denim boundaries harder; beyond what G*Star RAW did with 3D Arc. Magents knows garment construction well. I feel they’re more than equipped to up the design ante on a sartorial must-have.

On the whole, an impressive show. I mean, who else got SA designer legend David Tlale to rock a hoodie and fluffy sliders;) Respect!

love & light

Photo credit: Simon Deiner / SDR. Click HERE to see the full show.

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