SA Menswear Week AW18: Will the real Rosey and Vittori please stand up?

February 12, 2018

Who are Rosey and Vittori?

Not the people but the brand. Their AW18 show at SA Menswear Week revealed very little of an original and cohesive collection. We saw Gucci’s snake and Kenzo’s eye. Even a Balenciaga-style Bazar Shopper with Gucci straps, and snake, tiger and floral badges. We saw palm prints, oriental prints, velvet and snow-washed denim.

It looked diabolical!

My darling friend Jamal was not happy and I don’t like it when my friends are unhappy.

In my opinion, Rosey and Vittori have exhibited a blatant disrespect towards the integrity of SA Menswear Week, undermined the intelligence of showgoers and zapped an FU to the work ethics of fellow hard-working designers.

Admittedly, Gucci and Kenzo did not trademark any of their current designs so for all intents and purposes, it’s a free-for-all. However,  we’re all familiar with the backlash YSL caused with their Christian Louboutin-inspired red sole, not to mention the Gavin Rajah scandal which raises its ugly head every time he shows.

Do Rosey and Vittori really want to be those designers? The ones who use Google instead of a pencil to start a collection? I feel this is not proudly South African fashion and it is bringing the industry into ill-repute.

They should Stop! It! Right! Now!

For what its worth, something interesting went down with their tartan coat, trousers and striped jacket with tassels. These pieces showed exceptional workmanship with a bold complementary nod to architectural simplicity. Maybe this is who Rosey and Vittori really are. Will we ever know?

Still some love but not a lot of light after this show. What do you think?

Photo credit: Runway images by Simon Deiner / SDR. Click HERE to view the full collection.
Gucci wallet and knit from

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  1. I love it! Well said and frankly I love that you took a stand and pointed out not only blatant plagiarism but blatant laziness! Thank you.

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