SA Menswear Week SS19 – ALC Menswear Review

July 8, 2018

Colour me bad for never having reviewed ALC Menswear. The brand established by renowned designer Amanda Laird Cherry describes itself as “ready-to-wear designed and styled for conscious individuals”. Their show on Friday night at SA Menswear Week SS19 had me lean forward, smile, scratch my head, breathe a sigh of relief and applaud, all in 20 minutes. You can’t get more conscious reactions than that.  

If we’re to verbally dissect previous collections, we’d find totally wearable, unpretentious trousers, shirts, tops and jackets in exceptional prints, periodically punctuated by eccentric wraps or coats. Fortunately, fashion isn’t for discussion purposes. Its a powerful visual and tactile statement, and ALC normally lets you have in the ear. This brand is a style powerhouse juxtaposing simplicity and boldness without trying too hard.

However, the SS19 collection saw a slight deviation. Eye-popping geometry gave way to beautiful linen in natural shades. Accents in black, green, navy and Gen Z Yellow – the new Millenial Pink – kept the collection fresh while kimono-style jackets and crossover shirts held the brand’s signature look intact.

Then halfway through the show, someone somewhere turned a dial and avant garde took over. I didn’t get the headpieces. In fact, it may not have been needed because the garments moved into a creative space all of their own. Here ALC played. The looks were frivolous and fun while still bowing deeply to the designer’s exceptional expertise and quality CTM. At no point was balance and proportion compromised. (Thom Browne, are you listening?) I thought it really cool.

The ALC Menswear SS19 collection felt like a summer storm; a quiet, confident boast which said, we got this! And I think they did. Congratulations Amanda and team. I enjoyed your show and hope we get to meet soon.

Photo credit Simon Deiner. View the full collection on SDR Photo.

Happy shopping, stylish ones.
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