SA Menswear Week SS19 – The frocks which failed

July 8, 2018

Right, let’s talk about you lot at SA Menswear Week SS19 who put a c*ck in a frock to shock. And failed.

For the record, it’s encouraging to see gender neutrality getting the attention it deserves. We’re clearly moving in the right direction where men feel comfortable and safe enough to reveal who they are.

This brings me to the designers who attempted to add shock value by putting men in dresses and skirts. Sorry for you. It didn’t work because it’s not new. Priscilla did it, Marc Jacobs did it. And the Scots have been doing it for over 3000 years. HashtagOldNews. (Now do you get that feature image?)

Secondly, a runway is a fashion platform, not a pantomime. I want to see style, design, superbly crafted and beautifully finished garments, not a mock gay wedding in cheap tulle. I wasn’t dressed for a wedding and we all know the importance of being event appropriate. Friday night felt like theatrics were used to detract from badly produced clothes.

Now, about those dresses and skirts, the so-called fashion garments you produced for a runway show.

Those see-through fabrics; Jesus on the Starship Enterprise! A diaphanous fabric should reveal a liquid silhouette. We saw your hot mess. A baggy top scrunched into a waistband then peeping out underneath is messy. Fold it, pin it, tuck that shizz in somewhere.

And what’s with the skirt only going around 75% of your model’s waist. Did you run outta fabric? Did the model have McDonald’s sometime between casting and the show? Or is the reverse-mullet look a thing? No man! Finish it off!

I think any designer who wants to deviate from traditional menswear needs hours and days and months of crafting before showcasing on a platform as auspicious as SA Menswear Week. The target on your back is bigger because you’re making a powerful sociological statement. Your garments need to be flawless or you’ll keep getting reviews like this which detract from your cause.

Furthermore, there are incredibly brave and simultaneously afraid men who are sacrificing their comfort zones, their family life, even their lives to wear a dress in public. Dignify them with a piece they can be proud of not the poor executions you showed on Friday night.

The designers and the showgoers who had cheered for bad design let the side down. I was not happy.

Still a lotta love but not much light.

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  1. A c*ck, in a fr*ck, next to a r*ck?!? Yawn. When a designer tries to be shocking they need to be more than just humdrum holly hobby craft realness. Instead of adding to the conversation it just ends up looking like the first contestant of Project Runway Gambia to leave after the first round. HashtagWhatWouldTimeGunDo

    1. Hello Mr G,
      I’m so grateful for the response. It was a toughie to write as I’m loath to offend but as HV Couture said, we can’t support mediocrity. It offers a false sense of security which does more harm than good to the designer. Thank you for stopping by and yay! Thankfully, there was no need to talk me off a ledge this time. I love you. CDx

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