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SA Menswear Week SS19 – ThrowAway Twenty

July 12, 2018

When I saw ThrowAway Twenty on the SA Menswear Week SS19 show schedule, I wondered where the hell event owner Simon Deiner was digging these people out from? I’d never heard of ’em. Haha, it’s evident I don’t know much because this me eating humble pie.

Designers Rome Wepener and Lana Eslin describe themselves as, ‘an unapologetic menswear brand for boys and guys. We are all about offbeat and suave design with a youthful tongue-in-cheek point of view’.  You don’t need much more than that so let’s take a look.

Their show on Saturday night at The Lookout in the V&A Waterfront was super cute with a soupçon of aforementioned suave. The basic capsule collection was refreshing, fun, well made, and my personal favourite, totally wearable. Add a pair of denim jeans and your summer’s pretty much in the bag.

I discussed this collection with ZeitGeist designer Maxine Ginsberg Mauerberger aka MaxiJazz, who sadly didn’t show this year.  To answer her question of who the target market is, let me paint a picture of who I think ‘you’ are.

This brand talking to you; you who has avo on toast for brunch at The Loading Bay on a Saturday morning, then head off to the Oranjezicht City Market in Granger Bay. You shop delicious monster and rose gold decor pieces in Woodstock and own a pair of Paez in every colour. You sip craft gin cocktails at Mother’s Ruin, and make wild mushroom risotto using real arborio rice in the black marble kitchen of your Sea Point apartment. Of course. Oh, you probably drive a Fiat 500 but eyeing a Vespa for summer on Clifton 3rd.

If you’re the epitome of young stylish Cape Town, then you, my friend, are ThrowAway Twenty. MaxiJazz, does this help? 😉

I couldn’t fault this collection for one reason only. Rome and Lana are not trying to be anything else but themselves. Fashion is that simple. Even my fussy stylist friend Duncan wanted the duck print jumpsuit for himself. Sorry honey, you’re the wrong side of 35. Try them check prints instead.

Simon, wherever you got ThroawAway Twenty from, keep going back to find more. I love!

Are you still having fun, stylish ones? I am.
love & light

PS: Subsequent to publishing this post I learned that its Simon’s business partner, Jen Deiner, who actually curates the designers who show. Nice one, Jen. Based on this collection,  ThrowAway Twenty is a keeper. 

Photo credit: Larry English Photography. View the collection on SDR Photo.

ThrowAway Twenty: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
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