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sandy feet

January 17, 2010

There are two forces in life one cannot argue with regardless of your age, wealth or status. Mothers and Mother Nature. And when they share the same opinion, it’s in your best interest to obey; a fact driven home by a phone call from my sister earlier this week.
‘Mom and I have decided that you’re no longer to swim in the ocean’, she said calmly. Devoid of any emotion, much like ‘pass the salt’ or ‘nice weather we’re having’, it was clearly not negotiable.

The kickstart to my Saturday and Sunday mornings therefore needed a slight adjustment, one which saw me heading off to the safety of St James tidal pool instead. While I missed the mesmerizing sound and unadulterated fun of crashing waves, the water was still cool and inviting, the warm sun proverbially kissing our skin. 

Much like our visits before, our conversation steered toward how blessed we were to enjoy and appreciate the simple things which make life worthwhile.

‘It’s all about wriggling your toes in the sand’ – E.S.

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