Station On Bree Summer Reveal

January 4, 2018

The Station On Bree Summer Reveal is an old post but now that I’ve hit rubber to tar with commitments to fill and a backlog to kill, I need to tell you about it. Actually, that’s not the only reason. This little party place is really cool. Like, seriously!

When The Orphanage Cocktail Lounge downsized last year, I wondered what new gem would sprout in its place. Another luxury space with over priced drinks and foam art food, perhaps? Contraire! Station on Bree turned out to be the total opposite. My first visit back in October was a kickass post-AfrikaBurn party with more hot gay men and crazy outfits than MCQP on steroids. So, when Marina Nestel and Ingrid Altmann from The Little Black Book invited Duncan and I to the Summer Reveal at the end of November, we didn’t need much convincing.

This launch was more reserved than my first party there. Sundowners at 4pm followed by a little boogie on the dance floor; perfect for summer in Cape Town. The drinks were chilled, the vibe was hot and the food was down-to-earth goodness.

So what sets Station On Bree apart from all the other eateries and drinkeries in the Mother City?

Billed as Cape Town’s first underground meeting place, The Station on Bree is a unique, multi-storied venue with decor leaning towards the London underground Metro. A host of different stations and platforms located throughout each offers a specific service. Whether you’re looking to begin your day with a morning coffee from artisanal brand Mischu, end the day with an after-work cocktail, enjoy a leisurely dining experience or start your evening off with a bang – the lively atmosphere provides a great day to night setting with something for everyone!

And it gets even better!

Whenever it feels that the weekend can’t come soon enough and that to wait until Friday is a day too long to wait. Pull into The Station on Bree every Thursday for Thursday Reveal. Here’s when local talent and internationally renowned DJ, saxophonist and percussion specialist, George Sax drops vibey beats to make Thursday the New Friday. Entry is free up until 8pm and with a new guest DJ every week, the wait for the weekend is so much sweeter.

You need to check out Thursday Reveal before 2 February 2018 or miss out on the best burgers and beats in town. I heard they recently opene an interactive Gin bar so we Need. To. Go. Back. Soon.

PS: Duncan fell in love with the Vondeling red. Robust, easily likeable and affordable like him, it won’t kill your post-Christmas budget.

Follow Station On Bree on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fo regular updates on all their food & drinks specials (there’s always something on) as well as their DJ line ups, and I guess I’ll see you there soon.

Happy summer, party people.
love & light

Photo credit: Werner Ryke for The Little Black Book PR

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