5 summer essentials for guys by Tiaan Schutte

January 12, 2017

01-summer-essentials-for-guys-tiaan-schutteSpotlight on design curator Tiaan Schutte of Creative Revolt and his five summer essentials for guys with style.

Tiaan Schutte recently opened a concept store called Creative Revolt where he revealed his prowess as a design curator. His aim is to collaborate with and empower young South African designers to bring high quality products and original designs to his clients. Filled with carefully selected clothing, jewellery and decor pieces, its slowly developing a reputation as a must-see destination on Woodstock Main Road.

His personal taste could be described as a summer storm. Underneath a soft voice and gentle demeanour lies a fierce sartorial eye which most of us could only aspire to. Tiaan’s the guy who arrived at fashion week wearing a crisp button-down shirt and a tailored blazer with a skirt! and unapologetically owned the look.

Last night, I couldn’t resist asking this style aficionado for five summer essentials every guy should own. He whipped up these tips in 10 minutes.

A white t-shirt
Plain white tees compliment a glowing summer skin. Worn with jeans, tailored shorts or under a blazer, they’re a versatile summer must-have.

Great leather sandals
Flip flops have their place but a pair of great leather sandals finishes off a summer look.

A hat
A classic panama or wide-brimmed hat in black, brown or grey adds personality and sun protection.

A satchel or classy sling
A satchel or sling will help keep your s*** together. He suggests that you not mix leather colours unless you know your stuff.

A blazer
No matter the season, a well cut and fitted blazer will transform casual into formal in seconds and it compliments most male body types.

Here’s a 6th wild card which Tiaan practices daily.

Confidence, darling.

11 summer essentials for guys

12 summer essentials for guysJust own your look and you’ll be street style ready in a flash. You may all be wearing the same items of clothing but no two will look the same if you reflect individuality.

Tiaan, thank you for sharing  your passion and for meeting my insane deadline. See you soon… cocktail in hand, of course.
love & light

What do you think of Tiaans’ five summer essentials? Or do you have a style question for him? Pop a comment below as we’d love to hear from you guys.

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