Ruald Rheeder at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2015

August 3, 2015


My three previous reviews of Ruald Rheeder at Fashion Week in 2012, 2013 and 2014 bordered on (embarrassing) gushing. With impeccable tailoring and classic shapes as the basis of his designs, I always felt that if James Bond where to holiday in Cape Town, this label would be his go to wardrobe stockist.

Rheeder’s show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2015 came as a big surprise following the Twitter interview conducted with him a few days before. Promises of Asian-inspiration, laid back tailoring with an emphasis on the clothing in matt, sheer and neoprene raised my expectation to a print feast.

Instead, the designer’s summer collection titled Deep Down Tokyo, which explored Japanese culture for the modern man, felt too heavy and dark for summer. Pieces in autumn shades, winter textures and fur(!) appeared to overpower the brights.

15_CTFW_SDR_0009_RualdRheeder_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0029_RualdRheeder_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0046_RualdRheeder_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0068_RualdRheeder_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0086_RualdRheeder_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0127_RualdRheeder_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0162_RualdRheeder_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0182_RualdRheeder_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0221_RualdRheeder_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0271_RualdRheeder_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0290_RualdRheeder_w387_h580

Having said that, the beacon red print and bold yellow popped so exquisitely, I could have watched an entire collection made up of just those two looks. And it’s incredible how the designer married his signature classic designs with a relaxed fit. Brave work, I tell you. Brave work. (or maybe Ruald merely rocked my comfort zone.)

I would love to know your thoughts. So click on the speech bubble on top and tell me what you think of the Ruald Rheeder collection?

Love & light
Clouds xxx
Photo credit: Simon Deiner at SDR. View the full collection HERE.


PS: The bridal showstopper which closed the men’s collection redeemed and wowed!



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Craig Native at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2015

August 2, 2015


Day Two of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town vlosed with Native Sport, the sportswear collection by Craig Native.

Kudos to a local designer for taking active wear to the street. And extra bonus points for opening with SA pro swimmer Achmad Hassien who totally owned the look.

Sadly, that’s where my gushing ends. This was the most eclectic collection of the day where I battled to find cohesion. We saw camo. We saw aqua washes. Tribal prints. Tiger prints. Black, red, khaki, pastel, white; the works. It felt all over the place, as if the golden thread which holds a collection together had snapped..

When reviewing the images this morning, I realised that the order in which the collection was shown had thrown me off balance. Take a look.

15_CTFW_SDR_0431_CraigNative_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0464_CraigNative_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0612_CraigNative_w387_h58015_CTFW_SDR_0652_CraigNative_w387_h580

15_CTFW_SDR_0663_CraigNative_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0696_CraigNative_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0715_CraigNative_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_0737_CraigNative_w387_h580




Perhaps it was the designer’s intention to create energy rather than synergy. If so, the concept was unfortunately lost on me. Having said that, the cool kids of hip hop will have a field day when isolating pieces from the collection. They were actually pretty awesome.

What did you think of this show?
love & light
Clouds xxx
Photo credit: Simon Deiner at SDR. View the full show HERE.

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Dax Martin at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2015

15_CTFW_SDR_8694_DaxMartin_w387_h580Geometric prints continued to dominate Day 2 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2015 when Dax Martin took it back to 80’s pop in acids brights on steroids.

Devoid of frills or trim, his unforgiving designs of low cuts and cut-outs will reveal every excess ounce you may be carrying. Ditch every carb you plan on eating this year, hit the gym and get some colour on your bod. This collection of swim- and active wear is one hot & sexy summer in the making.



Dax Martin

15_CTFW_SDR_8266_DaxMartin_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_8388_DaxMartin_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_8422_DaxMartin_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_8611_DaxMartin_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_8618_DaxMartin_w580_h386 15_CTFW_SDR_8660_DaxMartin_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_8716_DaxMartin_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_8737_DaxMartin_w387_h580 15_CTFW_SDR_8575_DaxMartin_w387_h580

15_CTFW_SDR_8844_DaxMartin_w580_h386What do you guys think?
love & light
Clouds xxx
Photo credit: Simon Deiner at SDR. View the full collection HERE.

PS: I’m adding a white panama hat to my shopping cart. As for those round tortoise shell shades? Oh hell yeah!

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Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Makeup & PhotoReady Prime + Anti Shine Balm Review

May 4, 2015

Halle_Columbus_300Bv1Revlon sent me a generous hamper which included the new Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect™ Makeup (ZAR279) and PhotoReady Prime + Anti Shine™ Balm (ZAR 225.00).


PhotoReady Airbrush Effect™ Makeup is described as an innovative foundation which will give your skin a poreless, airbrushed look.

The invitation from Revlon was to get up close and personal with my makeup and be the start of my selfie. Yikes! I don’t do selfies as I doubt I look good in them but I couldn’t resist a challenge.

So, under the watchful eye of Revlon art director Tammy Pearce, I got a shot I’m happy with. (Thank Tam). In the noticeable absence of model Columbus to snuggle up to a la Halle Berry, my Zara chunky knit and Accessorize fur cassock hat had to do the trick.


But I digress. PhotoReady Airbrush Effect™ Makeup features light-filtering technology and soft focus pigments which filter light and promises a flawless, luminous finish.  The formula offers medium to full coverage depending on how much you apply. For this shot, I applied a light layer in Capuccino which still allowed the natural contours of my face to show through. Great for a light day look.

RV_PR_Primer_Anti-ShineBalmCompact_Jamaica_White_600Bv1Next up, meet your new best friend; New Revlon PhotoReady Prime + Anti Shine™ Balm. It’s described as a multi-use face balm and primer designed to offer poreless, shine-free looking skin with and without makeup.

As I have an oily, unevenly toned skin, primer is a basic in my makeup bag. This particular one glided on easily as promised and did mattifier without irritating my skin. Reducing the appearance of large pores and fine lines, it provided the perfect base for the Airbrush Effects makeup.

By day two of my selfie mission, I felt confident enough to get up close and personal with my camera. As you can see, I didn’t even use a filter or I would have retouched that one designer bag under my eye. Who has one baggy eye?


Anyhoo, when it comes to getting bang for your buck, pop these two Revlon products into your trolley. It gave me the confidence to take selfies, so imagine what it can do for you.

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect™ Makeup carries an SPF20 and is available in eight high resolution shades; Nude, Natural Beige, Medium Beige, Golden Beige, Caramel, Cappuccino, Mocha (new) and Mahogany (new).

Revlon PhotoReady Prime + Anti Shine™ Balm comes in one shade in Jamaica White. Both products are currently available at all leading pharmacists and departments stores nationwide.

Happy selfies, PhotoReady stars.
love & light
Clouds xxx

Clouds Drummond How Old Robot

PS: Have you tried, the site which guesses your age. I pulled a 22, an age I’d passed somewhere between the Titanic sinking and the moon landing. Hahaha! I’m not saying Revlon PhotoReady had anything to do with the youthful result, but I’m not denying it either;)

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Notice Board

Happy Easter, everyone.

April 5, 2015

Dear readers,
As we celebrate Easter, may your day be blessed with the glory of a new life filled with hope, peace and abundance. And if you don’t keep this religious holiday, have a luxurious, indulgent and delicious day anyway. We all deserve it.

Happy Easter, fashion bunnies.
Love & light
Clouds xxx

Image source:AudreyLovesParis

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