SA Menswear Week AW18: Will the real Rosey and Vittori please stand up?

February 12, 2018

Who are Rosey and Vittori?

Not the people but the brand. Their AW18 show at SA Menswear Week revealed very little of an original and cohesive collection. We saw Gucci’s snake and Kenzo’s eye. Even a Balenciaga-style Bazar Shopper with Gucci straps, and snake, tiger and floral badges. We saw palm prints, oriental prints, velvet and snow-washed denim.

It looked diabolical!

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How to prevent white sneakers turning yellow

September 8, 2016

Fashion Week Sneakers 09 Prevent white sneakers turning yellow

The trick to prevent white sneakers turning yellow when drying is so simple, it should be printed on the label.

There are no rules to govern the styling of white sneakers except that they should be pristine at all times. Keeping them clean while walking the streets is a challenge not so easily remedied. Potential solutions could include either keeping a spare pair in your bag or getting a friend to piggyback you around town. Fortunately, the trick to prevent white sneakers turning yellow when drying them in the sun is a whole lot simpler.

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Street Style MBFWCT 2013 Day 2

August 8, 2013

Day 2 of MBFWCT SS14 at the CTICC. I was there to take in the Next Generation show which features the upcoming designers supported by Africa Fashion International; the people who add CT to MBFW.

with Thula Sindi. I'm wearing a top form Nicci Boutique with neon cigarette pants from Topshop
With local designer Thula Sindi. I’m wearing a top from Nicci Boutiques with neon cigarette pants from Topshop
Felicity Spies; CEO of Egality and Glamour Women of The Year Fashion Award winner.
Vivian Law who we'll be seeing a lot more of in the future.
Vivian Law who we hope to see a lot more of in the future.

I bumped into designer Thula Sindi whose show we’ll be seeing on Saturday afternoon (front row, nogal). Also said a brief hello to Egality CEO and Glamour Woman of The Year Fashion Award winner, Felicity Spies who we met in Jozi two weeks ago.

Then I met Vivian Law who imports some fabulous pieces from all over the globe like the blue necklace and leather clutch shown below. I hope we’ll see more of her.

In the meantime,  here are a few pics of what the crowd was wearing this afternoon. Lotsa black, I’m sad to admit. Cape Town’s not taking much risks today.










IMG_5940 IMG_5943


My favourite look of the day.

That’s it for now, my lovelies. I’m off to the Ruald Rheeder show. Will update this post after that.

love & light
Clouds xxx

Updated: More pics as promised.










Hmm, the evening proved a bit more colourful. #Happier.

Goodnight. Cxxx

Photo credit: All pics my own

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