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Arno Carstens art exhibition at I Love My Laundry

June 25, 2012

For the sake of fun and bubbles, I hit up I Love My Laundry again. This time for the launch of the Arno Carstens ‘Arno Plus’ art exhibition.


Yip, that Arno! The solo rock singer and Springbok Nude Girls frontman, Arno. While he’s been banging out tunes and working concerts like a pro all over the world, he’s been keeping a secret from us. Art. It’s his first love; a career he would have pursued had he not met genius guitarist slash producer Theo Crous, 18 years ago.

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May 30, 2012

Here’s how I landed up perched on a washing machine clutching a magnum of Taittinger Champagne. Of course Leigh had something to do with it.

Now do you believe that I love my laundry & Tatty?

Last week I got invited to a little ‘Air your dirty laundry’ bloggers party organized by Allison Scotsman. It was held at ‘I Love my Laundry‘; what I would describe as a fusion launderette in Buitengracht Street in the Mother City.

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Look of the Week: Sofia Vergara

May 25, 2012

I thought I’d deviate from the norm this week and show you what I wore to a little bloggers party last night. Then I saw this! Sofia Vergara Totally Stole My Look!

What the hell!

The fact that her pic was taken in April and mine last night is totally irrelevant. I mean, who does this? Who takes a photo of a celeb, copies the look and then sticks it on the Net.

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