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Jin Jin du Cap Jewellery Giveaway

August 20, 2017

Jin Jin du Cap Jewellery in Constantia Village Courtyard is an ode to all things deliciously sparkly. I popped in last week after owner Suzi Wallinder repositioned her business strategy, spruced up her treasure trove and offered a Jin Jin du Cap jewellery giveaway to one of my readers. *rubs hands in glee*

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Valentine’s Day: Love yourself because you can

February 11, 2013

A good friend, John* recently told me that all he wants is to love the eff out of someone special. He’s gorgeous, and with so much love to give, I pray he gets his heart’s desire. Soon!

Cupid! You suck!
Cupid! You suck! (Photo from HERE)

Failing which, vodka and a tub of Haagen Das is also an option. But you may wake up the next morning with a burning desire to stab a fork in your eye slurring those famous last words; I. will. never. drink. again.

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