THE LAST WORD HOTEL on Long Beach, Kommetjie defines perfection

September 19, 2012

Karisa was right when she asked, ‘Wait! Wait, I get to do what?’. The what in question was a dinner and one night stay on Friday at The Last Word 4.5 star intimate hotel situated slap-bang on Long Beach in Kommetjie.

The evening was hosted by Bar One Manhunt 2 winner Lushwill Rossouw. Oh c’mon, you know exactly who he is. You’ve seen him naked on AndLollipops before;) Thanks to some killer espressos from the ladies at Fresh Wellness Spa earlier in the day, (rough translation; no afternoon nap) I arrived early enough to soak up the last rays, witness an exquisite sunset and get a head start on the bubbles with SA media mogul, Alan Ford. Cape Town doesn’t get better than this.

The guest list was pretty much my regular Champagne Crew; darling Karisa from My Love Affair with Cape Town, celebrity agent and journo Clayton Morar and MC, model & TV presenter Dene Botha. Also got to meet Lushwill’s fiancé, Jackie who’s an absolute sweetheart. Sorry ladies, he’s spoken for. *bummer* We were joined by hotel owners Nicky and Mike and an American hotel guest, Ernest who either hit pay dirt or drew the short straw when we arrived. Poor guy tried to do some work earlier in the evening but gave up after witnessing our no-holds-barred dinner conversation. It ranged from Lushwill’s hobby (fishing!!! I know, I know) to Dean’s new ‘adventure’. Will reveal more as soon as I can.

The meal itself was simple, elegantly presented and insanely delish. I’m convinced angels fell from heaven to prepare gourmet canapés, a tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto starter; melt-in-mouth steak ‘n chips with a creamy rosemary sauce and a dark chocolate torte swimming in strawberry coulis. Each delicately flavoured and deserving of a serious plate-licking. The same angles kept my glass of bubbles constantly filled without me having to raise an eyebrow in their direction. Managers Hayley and Jennifer had their work cut out for the evening yet made it appear effortless.

Oh dear! In retrospect I’ve just realised I scoffed the dessert before taking a pic. It was that goo-ood! In return, what I am proud to reveal is the level of luxury The Last Word will shower on you during your stay.

A pot of creme brûlée on the nightstand when you decide to retire for the evening. Now how do you like them apples? Of course I scoffed it down as well. This was ’bout was 3:00 in the morning because after dinner we talked, laughed, partied, drank and raided the fridge:-) until we couldn’t talk, laugh, party or drink any more. There in lies the beauty of this little slice of heaven. It’s a luxury 6-bedroom, home away from home with every whim and fancy catered to. Whether you need authentic German sauerkraut, Scottish black pudding or yak milk from outer Mongolia, the team will make every attempt to accommodate your pre-arranged request. Ok, so maybe not the milk but I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled it off. Secretly, I think they’re able to walk on water. I skipped breakfast the next morning, perfectly content with clutching a steaming latte and about three bottles of mineral water to watch an amazing day unfold. And ogle Dene’s sexy tattoos;-)

Here’s to Jill Groger from Zebra Square PR; Hayley, Jennifer, Fanie and Lindi for The Last Word Hotel and my fave peeps for absolute perfection.

love & light


PS: Remember The Crossfit Workout with Lushwill at a hotel in Constantia a few weeks back? Same chain. Now, do you need another invitation to visit The Last Word Hotel?

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