The making of And Lollipops

My sister Tess moved up to Sun City in 2003. Or was it 2004? I may not recall the year but I do remember dropping her off at the airport and then through tear-filled eyes heading straight to the mall for retail therapy.

my wedding day

The black suede ankle boots I bought were fabulous but sadly not enough. I couldn’t exactly peer at them over my Sunday latte with an invitation to The 12 Apostles for champagne and a massage, could I? They’d probably just sit there in black stiletto-ness wondering what The 12 Apostles was. So what’s a girl to do without her BFF? Get a new one?

girls weekend at the 12 apostles.

Where do I start looking? Tess didn’t gym, she power-walked. Picture me skulking along Sea Point Promenade in full camo-gear, night-vision goggles weighing me down in case the recce lasted longer than anticipated. ‘Hey lady in the neon pink bikini from the 80’s. Want to be my friend? Oh, it was a Christmas gift from your mom. Ouch! I see your transparent plastic beach bag doubles up as weapon. So I take it that’s a “no” then’.

mo-vember at vida e

Clubs weren’t her scene either but we’re keeping our options open here. Music pumping, bodies heaving, kids too young to drive let alone drink. ‘So, new BFF, mom wants you to pick her up at 3pm. No, not your mom, our mom. What? Oh, your mom’s picking you up at 1. No I Am Not On Crack! Oh forget it, I’ll go.’

world cup 2010: cape town was our playground

Sisters just can’t be replaced so I turned inward. Not in a cut-yourself-off-from-the-world-to-moan-the-loss-of-your-BFF kind of way but to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery along a path called life.

love and laughter

I started writing a book; a series of small articles about things which interested me and lessons I could share with Tess. I envisioned a leather cover slowly opening to reveal hopes, secrets and dreams spilling off richly textured pages. A loving gift from one sister to another.

stomp at artscape

I imagined Oprah featuring us on her show shedding tears as she left freebies under her audiences’ chairs. Halle Berry would forfeit her fee in lieu of the opportunity to play me in the movie version. French actress, Audrey Tatou, would appear as Tess. We were going to be famous. And rich.

love how she’s battling to keep a straight face at cafe paradiso.

Two years and eighty-one pages later the realisation dawned that Pulitzers and Oscars were not part of my immediate future. Not that I hadn’t learned anything. It’s just that I’m an instant gratification kind of girl and this book thing was taking far too long. Now what do I do with all this material?

cats at arts cape or champagne o’ clock

Ironically, with the book still a secret in its infancy, it was Tess who introduced me to by Eric Tenin. His simple idea and wickedly charming sense of humour inspired me to blog. Like him, I may be nostalgic and romantic but I suppose the easiest subject is one you know best and feel most comfortable writing about. And lollipops, a blog about my ramblings, was born with Tess being the first follower, of course.

vaudeville and goldfish at the fez

The name was inspired by the beautiful Susie Gale who taught me that life is about love, light and lollipops especially the red, fizzy ones.

the queen’s plate at kenilworth raceourse

So what became of those black stiletto boots? Daily wear and tear through five winters eventually forced them into a charity bin. I’m not exactly sure what year it was but their departure coincided surprisingly with Tessa’s return from Sun City. Peace in the universe had been restored. Happiness.

love & light

Clouds xxx

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    1. Lol! Thank you for the kind words and for following. Yes, I am blessed to be living in such a beautiful city. Happy you had the chance to experience it.
      Have a great weekend.
      Clouds xxx

  1. I just read about you in Fairlady and immediately searched for your blog! I love what I see so I will definitely be following you! Keep up the good work!
    PS. I am currently working for the City 😉

  2. Hello:)
    Oh, that shoot and interview was so much fun. Fair Lady team were fantastic. I haven’t seen the article yet – didn’t know the mag hit the streets yet. Gotta get out there and buy!!!
    Thanks for finding and following me. Much appreciated.
    Here’s to fun.
    PS. Gotta luv the City;-)

  3. Love it! Love it!
    I’m sitting in a hair salon, reading a dated copy of Fairlady and read the article. I looked up your blog on my phone! Heehee – the wonders of technology. You are inspirational, and funny. I am certainly a follower :-).
    Please follow me, pretty please… On also on a path of self- discovery… Lets see where it leads me.
    Ciao, RuBe xoxo

  4. You’re sitting in a hair salon in the middle of day surfing the Net on your phone? Lady Rushda, I’d say you’re far along that beautiful path already:) Enjoy the journey and embrace the rewards. You’ve earned them.
    Thank you for stopping by. You’ve encouraged me to continue.
    love & light
    Clouds xxx

  5. It’s so honest and funny that I cannot help but giggle and relate. I’ve also had my fantasies about being interviewed by Oprah #confess. I love how easy it is to relate to you and not just through your writing but I met you at the Otea party in Cape Town this year:) Popping in to say Howzit and spreading the Love ♡♥♡♥

  6. Hello Wiedaad
    Thank you for popping in and sharing the love. Happy to have brought a smile to your face.
    Have a beautiful day and thanks for the follow. Always appreciated.

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