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Yumna Sadan: art director, artist, superwoman

June 5, 2012

Meet gorgeous Yumna Sadan. We’ve worked together at two agencies over a period of about five years, I think. Ya, sounds about right. I know her as an  incredibly talented Art Director / Designer in this crazy advertising business. Award-winning, in fact.

One of my favourite pieces from her blog. She’ll show you how it was created.

(Shhh, don’t tell anyone but she and fellow copywriter Shameema Davids were two of my (many) favourites in the studio.)

Anyhoo, I also knew that she dabbled occasionally with paint and canvasses between shopping trips to Cavendish, gorging on popcorn & coke at Cinema Nouveau, hanging with local film director Oliver Hermanus – she calls him Ollie – and just being fab. What I was not aware of, is just how uber-talented she really is.

So after a crazy day in the salt mines at the agency, Yumna finds time to paint, photograph the process and then blog about her work. Her concept is also wow but I won’t tell you how she decides on her subject matter. You need to see this for yourself.

Her work is for sale – affordable beyond words  –  and she accepts commissions. All contact details are on her beautiful blog, PaintByQuotes. Go and check it out.

Here’s to supporting local artists.

love & light

Clouds xxx

Photo credit: Pic suplied by Yumna

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